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~ 04/12/08

There’s more than a few of us  diverted by the self-help sections at the big bookstores. Lowered eyes scan the first few pages to see if the advice is worthwile, and then we nonchalantly return the book to the shelf or make our way to the check-out counter. Most advice in these books seem to be hoopla–or just healthy common sense–but more often than not the authors border  on insufferable self-righteousness. I know. I read them. I feel the pain (and rejoice with good insight)!


Today I was lured onto the wikiHow site, which offers advice on “How to Overcome Procrastination Using Self-Talk.” I especially dig the suggestions on rephrasing internal dialogue. Can you manage to turn the thought ““I have to finish this long, important project. It should already be done by now and I need to plow through it” to “I choose to start this task with a small, imperfect step. I’ll feel terrific and have plenty time for fun!”?

It least helps me crack a smile. Well, there you have it. Let’s get on with the fun. Stop procastinating.

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Autor: Scott

~ 18/10/08

At SCiFest this year, the clever duo of Timandra Harkness and Harry Witchel informed us that there are seven rules to dating. But yesterday, via craigslist Missed Connections we find out that there is an eighth rule which is critical in today’s internet society… grammar!  Watch out guys. This may be more important than size, rock quality, and humor combined!

Morons with bad grammar – m4w
via craigslist | missed connections in st louis, MO on 10/17/08

Women that you find attractive probably won’t respond if they think you’re an idiot. Here are some lessons for you idiots who don’t know basic grammar:

“Your” is the possessive form of “you.” “Your car was black” is correct. “Your hot” is not correct. “You’re hot” is correct. “You’re” means “You are.”

“Would of” does not exist. “I would of talked to you” makes you sound like an idiot. “I would have talked to you” is correct. You’re a moron.

“I seen” also does not exist. If you say this, you should be killed. “I saw you at Starbucks” is correct. “I seen” makes no sense. Die if you say that.

There are SO MANY MORE mistakes you idiots make, but those are the main ones. Get a basic education, and maybe women will be more attracted to you.

The end.

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Autor: Rhonda

~ 28/02/08

Looks like is prepping to launch a St. Louis site.

For those of you not in the know, metromix covers all things entertainment. As the site says, “Your one-stop local entertainment guide on where to go and what to do, from the hottest restaurants and bars, to the latest in music, movies, and entertainment.”

St. Louis joins the ranks of Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and just added … Lehigh Valley, Penn. KSDK is leading the way for metromix, which leaves me rejoicing because the TV station’s Web site isn’t easy to navigate, and the Post-Dispatch’s Web site’s entertainment section is a bit lacking. 

At the same time, the St. Louis metromix staff has big shoes to fill in competing for advertising dollars with the local array of entertainment news sources such as the RFT, the glossy mags and Sauce, to name a few. Time will tell how this site makes its way into the media mix.

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Autor: Rhonda

~ 07/11/07

Beginning tomorrow, the St. Louis International Film Festival (SLIFF) is one of the largest and highest-profile international film festivals in the Midwest.

2007 marks its 16th year. Cinema St. Louis – the non-profit driving the festival – also gives nods to some of our communities’ best folks in the film biz with its annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase and the CinemaSpoke screenwriting competition.

Aside from dozens of big screen gems, foreign films and documentaries showing at places such as the Tivoli and Webster University, educational programs and special events are also on tap.

For those that crave a little more fluff than form, find out what those Jessica Alba sightings in St. Louis were all about by seeing “Bill.” “Ghost Image” – shot downtown and starring Elisabeth Rohm of Law and Order fame – also will be screened.

Take five at to find out more.

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Autor: Dwight

~ 17/10/07

On October 20, 2007 DJ Deaddisco will also join Village Idiot for the birthday festivities and the long awaited Village Idiot CD release. DJ Deaddisco is the house DJ for rBar and has been featured at Rue 13. He also lately has produced music for Alive Magazine fashion shows such as Liquid Style, Macy’s, Nieman Marcus along with performing at Rock The Runway. DJ Deaddisco is also the creater of Raise The Dead Brand. Purchase one of his shirts and designs. The party starts at 9 with “Girls Night Out” which gets the ladies complimentary drinks. We have also added a guys special just for the night with complimentary Ray Hills from 9-11p.

Village Idiot will perform starting at 10pm for a 3 hour set of mayhem. DJ DeadDisco will perform between sets and end the night until 3 am.

“DJ DeadDisco should be the official Village Idiot DJ..Who really needs Mark?”
Joey Terrible, Village Idiot Lead Singer/Guitar Player

“I never really thought Joe was a talented musician until we got drunk and formed this band, now we get drunk all the time!”
“Mayhem” Mark Rolf, Village Idiot singer/keyboards/beats

Dwight’s birthday is brought to you by Bimmers R Us, Kronik Chill, Bronx Diba and Trucker Hats by Justin. Get there early and receive BMW schwag, a chance to win Bronx Diba shoes and receive Kronik Chill cups that will keep at least three drinks consistently cold. Dwight is not expecting gifts but there will be two 8×10 tables put together for them.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If anyone knows this girl please invite her…

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Autor: Dwight

Dress: Fall Chill

Valet Parking available

Please RSVP by October 16th to

Oh yeah this event also falls on my birthday!

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Autor: Katie

~ 16/09/07

Ok, so I know this isn’t Fitness & Nutrition related but I think I’m entitled to a rant every now and then.  So here it goes. 

So, I’m a 27, single (in a relationship but not married), white female that currently owns a home on my own financial standing which I’m extremely proud of.  However, when it comes time to improve that dwelling, I’d be VERY willing to turn over control of said home to whatever man can help me get the best (and best quality) deal on whatever home improvement job is next on the list.  

I’ve been a homeowner for almost 3 years now (signing my mortgage on my 25th birthday).  I bought a house that’s about half a century old and needed a lot of improvement which I accepted with open arms.  I was eager at the thought of using my own two hands to build my equity.  Needless to say, two months, after the excitement of the purchase wore off, I started to enlist the help of contractors to help achieve my home remodeling dreams.  First on the list…new windows.  Let me just say, how much of a racket, this whole home improvement industry is.  I feel like I’m wearing a sign that says “TAKE MY MONEY”.  Anyway, after 6 months of looking, I found a contractor.  I got a “final price” by dealing with the company then I handed the quote to my dad, who called and somehow managed to get the price down another 1k.  Needless to say I was mad that the contractor hadn’t done this with me but I took it as an isolated incident. 

After the windows, I worked on getting a sub pump installed, insulation added and the bathroom remodeled.  All contractor hunts produced the same results.  So at this point I’m ticked and I’m going to let everyone know.  

If you’re a contractor, or know a contractor or knows someone who thinks they want to be a contractor, you can let them know that if they don’t stop trying to jerk me around, there will be consequences.  Car dealers take note too.  Women are JUST (if not more) capable of negotiating as men.  You can continue to play your games but until I’m satisfied that you’ve given me the best possible deal, you will not be getting my money. 



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Autor: Rhonda

~ 30/08/07

A recent Mayor Slay blog calls out comments in the media from a local vintage clothing salesgirl who chose not to participate in this city first’s Fashion Week. I had refrained from writing about this until reading the mayor’s mention. The AP article the mayor cites reads:

Madeline Meyerowitz, co-owner of, a St. Louis-based Web site that sells high-end vintage clothing, said she didn’t want to be in St. Louis Fashion Week.

“I think people do this stuff to make themselves feel like they live in a place that’s hip and happening,” she said.

Many people will pull out their style equivalent of their Easter best to attend the fashion events and then go back to wearing Old Navy khakis, she speculated.

Funny thing is Meyerowitz is also an admitted Old Navy shopper, per a July St. Louis Magazine article.

I don’t see the need for a local to shun St. Louis fashion-forward efforts. While I adore quite a few things at and, I admit to adoring a few things each season at Old Navy.

While we’re no LA or NYC, it is clear St. Louis fashion efforts are moving forward on all fronts – from local designers and boutique openings and offerings to media and Web 2.0 coverage.

I don’t just feel like I live in a place that is hip and happening, I do live in a place that is hip and happening. I am fortunate to see the passion people are putting into these efforts. And in my humble opinion, I thought our little fashion week was rather smashing.

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Autor: Rhonda

~ 20/08/07

Fueled by an article in this Sunday’s Chicago Tribune and a small budget, I was curious to find out more about Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line Bitten.

The former SATC star rolled out a summer collection months ago, and her fall line is now on its way to Steve & Barry’s stores throughout the U.S. I’ve long wanted to make the trek up to the only S&B store location in St. Louis and actually had the time this weekend.

Northwest Plaza itself is desolate (and enough fodder for another post on the state of St. Louis urban and suburban shopping malls vs. lifestyle centers, but that is another day). S&B’s is a bright spot. Aside from the Old Navy-esque décor, one-half the store is nothing but college garb – T-shirts, sweatshirts and my fave … comfy college hoodies at $7.98. The other half of the store has everyday clothes for women, men and children.

Throughout the store, SJP is everywhere via banners and looping video feed where she explains the whys behind Bitten. Per

BITTEN reflects Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal sense of style and taste, with her own wardrobe serving as the inspiration for the majority of the pieces. Between the recently launched summer collection and the Fall collection to hit store shelves in August, BITTEN offers nearly 1,000 apparel and accessories pieces, including jeans, woven and knit shirts, suit separates, wool and cashmere sweaters, dresses, jackets, lingerie, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sleepwear, swimwear, bags, jewelry, belts, footwear, and much more.
The BITTEN collection was designed for women of all ages and sizes, with a full size range from XS-XXL in tops, 0-22 in bottoms, and 5-11 in shoes.

The collection takes up a large chunk of the store. The jeans are a bright spot – great variety, greater fit, greatest price (at $15). There also are tons of knits – tanks, jackets, T-shirts, striped everything (all under $10) – reminiscent of Gap’s offerings the year SJP starred in its commercials. A little Plain Jane for me, but great if you want to stock up on the basics. Other fun finds include a polka dot button-up shirt as well as some cute skirts. Accessories and shoes are also aplenty … no comment on comfort as I did not try them on.

Overall, I am unsure if I am a full-fledged Bitten fan. There is something alarming about a clothing line with nothing over $19.98 from an actress who made $400 Jimmy Choos a household name. Guess I will have to wait until Bitten’s fall offerings make its way to St. Louis to decide whether or not I am smitten. That means another trek to NWP for Bitten - just in time for fall ball when college hoodies are an added bonus.

Side note: The clearance Dillards at Northwest Plaza has some great Laundry by Shelli Segal tops at rock-bottom prices (currently 50 percent off already-ready reduced prices. Other finds include cute a Michael Kors dress and tons of great shoes. Don’t be discouraged by the large, unshapely dresses that greet you when you enter from the mall. Happy hunting!

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Autor: Marcia

~ 09/08/07

Sex. Drugs. and Rock and Roll.

Let’s just say I am 0 for 3 and in a slump. You can figure it out.

As of late, I really have embraced what little time I do have to myself….and I don’t mean attending all these glam St.Louis “VIP” parties…sure they are fun, and somewhat entertaining. Somewhat. It’s good for business and your self-esteem I suppose to have access to the “good life”. I suppose. In the end, nothing makes this girl smile more than veering off the beaten path of Washington Ave and going into smoky, maybe even slightly seedy music venues to rock out with my close friend(s) and experience live LOCAL music. I would probably even prefer to go alone sometimes but even I care about the social stigma of being a lone female out on the town by herself. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not some wannabe “emo” kid with angst weighing down on my shoulders….I still wear my girly dresses and designer heels to the shows while I ponder on why I am not as ballsy as the chick with the raven haired pig-tails and tattoos lined up her back or why I never learned how to play the guitar like the badass strokin it with such confidence and flair on stage. At the end of the night, I feel invigorated by it all because nothing really matters…the venue-some of the most “crappiest” in look and feel host some of the best talent…..the lack of top shelf booze….”yes, I’ll drink a PBR, since there’s shortage in Ciroc”…..the stresses of everyday life…just kind of floats away,when either you relate to a song because it “had to be written specifically for you and your situation” or even better yet, when the thumping beat of a hook or strings of a guitar elevate your mood to such a grandeur state that you forget that your A/C just broke in the 100 degree heat, you have an 8am meeting, and that your mortgage is due again. My how time flies when you are all grown up. Continue reading “You Rock The Party That Rocks My Body.” »

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