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~ 17/11/08

If you have made the mistake t looking at your 401k or IRA statements lately, you know well the effects of this economic “perfect storm.” Though times are tough for all of us, they are hitting the art world especially hard as pointed out in the PD.

Though most of us can’t afford to write a big check to save the day, we can do something. Go to a play, see an exhibit, buy a membership, make a $20 donation to your favorite institution. Every little bit helps and if we all do a little that equals a lot. So support your local arts scene. It is what makes life worth living! Check out for a list of participating organizations and information on ways to get involved.

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Autor: Katie

~ 16/09/07

Ok, so I know this isn’t Fitness & Nutrition related but I think I’m entitled to a rant every now and then.  So here it goes. 

So, I’m a 27, single (in a relationship but not married), white female that currently owns a home on my own financial standing which I’m extremely proud of.  However, when it comes time to improve that dwelling, I’d be VERY willing to turn over control of said home to whatever man can help me get the best (and best quality) deal on whatever home improvement job is next on the list.  

I’ve been a homeowner for almost 3 years now (signing my mortgage on my 25th birthday).  I bought a house that’s about half a century old and needed a lot of improvement which I accepted with open arms.  I was eager at the thought of using my own two hands to build my equity.  Needless to say, two months, after the excitement of the purchase wore off, I started to enlist the help of contractors to help achieve my home remodeling dreams.  First on the list…new windows.  Let me just say, how much of a racket, this whole home improvement industry is.  I feel like I’m wearing a sign that says “TAKE MY MONEY”.  Anyway, after 6 months of looking, I found a contractor.  I got a “final price” by dealing with the company then I handed the quote to my dad, who called and somehow managed to get the price down another 1k.  Needless to say I was mad that the contractor hadn’t done this with me but I took it as an isolated incident. 

After the windows, I worked on getting a sub pump installed, insulation added and the bathroom remodeled.  All contractor hunts produced the same results.  So at this point I’m ticked and I’m going to let everyone know.  

If you’re a contractor, or know a contractor or knows someone who thinks they want to be a contractor, you can let them know that if they don’t stop trying to jerk me around, there will be consequences.  Car dealers take note too.  Women are JUST (if not more) capable of negotiating as men.  You can continue to play your games but until I’m satisfied that you’ve given me the best possible deal, you will not be getting my money. 



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Autor: Rhonda

~ 20/08/07

Fueled by an article in this Sunday’s Chicago Tribune and a small budget, I was curious to find out more about Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line Bitten.

The former SATC star rolled out a summer collection months ago, and her fall line is now on its way to Steve & Barry’s stores throughout the U.S. I’ve long wanted to make the trek up to the only S&B store location in St. Louis and actually had the time this weekend.

Northwest Plaza itself is desolate (and enough fodder for another post on the state of St. Louis urban and suburban shopping malls vs. lifestyle centers, but that is another day). S&B’s is a bright spot. Aside from the Old Navy-esque décor, one-half the store is nothing but college garb – T-shirts, sweatshirts and my fave … comfy college hoodies at $7.98. The other half of the store has everyday clothes for women, men and children.

Throughout the store, SJP is everywhere via banners and looping video feed where she explains the whys behind Bitten. Per

BITTEN reflects Sarah Jessica Parker’s personal sense of style and taste, with her own wardrobe serving as the inspiration for the majority of the pieces. Between the recently launched summer collection and the Fall collection to hit store shelves in August, BITTEN offers nearly 1,000 apparel and accessories pieces, including jeans, woven and knit shirts, suit separates, wool and cashmere sweaters, dresses, jackets, lingerie, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sleepwear, swimwear, bags, jewelry, belts, footwear, and much more.
The BITTEN collection was designed for women of all ages and sizes, with a full size range from XS-XXL in tops, 0-22 in bottoms, and 5-11 in shoes.

The collection takes up a large chunk of the store. The jeans are a bright spot – great variety, greater fit, greatest price (at $15). There also are tons of knits – tanks, jackets, T-shirts, striped everything (all under $10) – reminiscent of Gap’s offerings the year SJP starred in its commercials. A little Plain Jane for me, but great if you want to stock up on the basics. Other fun finds include a polka dot button-up shirt as well as some cute skirts. Accessories and shoes are also aplenty … no comment on comfort as I did not try them on.

Overall, I am unsure if I am a full-fledged Bitten fan. There is something alarming about a clothing line with nothing over $19.98 from an actress who made $400 Jimmy Choos a household name. Guess I will have to wait until Bitten’s fall offerings make its way to St. Louis to decide whether or not I am smitten. That means another trek to NWP for Bitten - just in time for fall ball when college hoodies are an added bonus.

Side note: The clearance Dillards at Northwest Plaza has some great Laundry by Shelli Segal tops at rock-bottom prices (currently 50 percent off already-ready reduced prices. Other finds include cute a Michael Kors dress and tons of great shoes. Don’t be discouraged by the large, unshapely dresses that greet you when you enter from the mall. Happy hunting!

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Autor: Leigh-Anne

~ 26/07/07

Just a reminder to stop by the Blu CitySpaces tonight to celebrate the 1st Birthday of No cake and ice cream, but plenty of free beer and apps, entertainment and a chance to win some very cool prizes!

I know there is a lot going on around town tonight, so if you can’t make it before 9pm, just head straight to rBar for the afterparty and a nightcap!

Hope to see you tonight!

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 11/06/07

If you’re interested in the development going on downtown take a look at, a video blog started by a friend who has taken the time to interview local developers and post the footage for the rest of us to see…

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~ 01/06/07

If you are as critical of the diamond industry as I am and read this the title will make more sense.

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 09/04/07

 I apparently missed a beautiful exhibition opening at White Flag Projects – framed over a two day period. I’m wondering if it was a 2 day show or if it’s on view longer. Unfortunately the website doesn’t have anything listed under current exhibitions, so I’m assuming it was a two-time opportunity. However, I did make it down to Ellen Curlee’s and Phil Slein’s on Friday night for their gallery openings.  After having some delicious wine at Copia, two of my workmates joined me in a stroll to look at the art on Wash Ave. I found Phil Slein’s artists especially appealing. Both Tom Reed and James Barsness have a fairy-tale like appareance to their pieces.  Barsness’ work is in the back room and two have made my personal “The Favorites” list.  However, after picking up the price sheet I had to move both pieces to my “The Favorites I Cannot Afford” list as both hold price tags of more than $30,000 each. Their work is on display through May 5, so you have some time to check it out for yourself. One thing to do this week on the more inexpensive side of supporting art includes Venus Envy this weekend. There’s a $5 entrance fee for the Friday and Saturday night events located at 3001 and 3016 Locust St. The evenings promise an array of art, music, dancing, food arranged by many of St. Louis’ women artists. Also this week, WashU is snuggling up at the Tivoli in efforts to host a free festival of contemporary German film to complement their current exhibition, Reality Bites.  There’s four films debuting this week, starting on Wednesday, and additional information can be found at the Kemper Museum’s website.

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Autor: Rhonda

~ 03/02/07

Last week, The Post-Dispatch’s Travel Section featured an article on looking online for a place to rent for vacation. They only briefly mentioned, which I think was unfortunate. The great value of this site came through when I hunted for a place to stay in New York for the marathon this fall. Being that 40,000 of my closest friends and their friends in family had filled up most hotels and that looking at available hotel prices in Manhattan was downright scary when a room for one night costs more than half a mortgage.

Hostels can be great, let me say. Especially the hostel in downtown San Diego – their pancakes (provided free) in the a.m. are quite good. Yet a hostel or no-name hotel in a not-so-great locale can be scary. (I’ve heard stories). Although the price is more than nice, the space may a little too small and the location less-than desirable.

But you might find the perfect apartment to rent for the weekend (say in Manhattan) at Craig’s house: The even better news is that Craig is in almost any city you can imagine – obviously use caution. Renting an apartment in Manhattan that weekend worked out well. Six of us at $150 a night came out to pocket change, and now I can say I’ve had a small piece of the Manhattan real estate market.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 15/09/06

My sister and I are very different creatures – after a long day she wants to go home and unwind whereas I prefer to go out to do the same. Partly it’s the nature of our jobs: she’s salaried, I’m not. For me going out is partly a way of marketing car counsel and myself as a consultant to non-automotive ventures (I keep promising myself I’ll write off every drink but never get around to it).

Today a friend sent me this link, proving that that going out isn’t just good fun it’s a good business practice.

Events put on by groups like the River City Professionals and others or even a few drinks at a the rare bar where it’s quiet enough to have a conversation do more than give you a chance to oogle the opposite sex – they’re chances to form business connections and help you practice your elevator pitch.

Which brings me to something else that’s been on my mind: the October 3rd ‘Connect With…’ event at Moulin – the biggest networking event of the year. If you’re not planning to be there you better hope your competitors aren’t either.

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