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~ 29/07/07

Hard to believe. Seems like yesterday a group of us came together to talk about how we could cover a wide range of topics that we felt were relevant to everyday young professionals in St. Louis.  A year later, we have covered everything from events around town to fashion trends to art to random BS and rants. In all, great 336 posts and 203 comments. To say that I am amazed with the talent of the writers is an understatement.

Without trying to sound like a bad Oscar speech, I would like to thank Joe, Dwight, Daanesh, Jennifer, Katie, Marcia, Leigh-Anne, Rhonda, and Dave for all the hard work an insightful blogs. I have learned a great deal working with each of you and look forward to more to come. Also I would like to extend a thank you to our readers. Hopefully you have had the same great experience as I and will continue to participate as we grow.


Thank you to everyone who came out to help celebrate the one year anniversary of Undercurrent on Thursday night. We had a great crowd who wandered about the Blu CitySpaces, enjoying the building, reading and commenting on the blogs, sampling apps from Mike Shannon’s,  and trying out some of Ray Hill’s brew. As an added bonus, everyone had the chance to meet Ray Hill in person and hear about his amazing story, starting out brewing beer in his home and then being picked up by AB! Pics are up on the RCP site.

The blogs from the night are posted and tagged “One Year Anniversary Blog.” Feel free to add your comments and be a part of another year of success.

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Autor: Rhonda

A few people fault St. Louis because we lack a body of water … an ocean, a lake. The Mississippi River and Creve Coeur Lake don’t quite cut it. As someone who can easily switch on her beach bum mode, I feel their pain. That said, I have friends who live on the left and right coasts and yet never have time to put their toes in the sand. And if I lived and worked near some of our country’s prime beaches, I am not sure I’d have enough money to travel further than just beyond the shore or my backyard. I would be financially landlocked.

So, what’s a water baby in the Lou to do? Continue reading “Life’s a Beach (ONE YEAR)” »

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Autor: Leigh-Anne

“There’s no time! There’s never any time!”

That line may sound vaguely familiar to any of you who grew up watching Saved By the Bell.  It was from that episode where Jessie, Lisa and Kelly decide to break into the music biz, and Jessie is having a hard time balancing all her responsibilities.  She becomes addicted to caffeine pills, realizes she may never get into Stanford and freaks out on Zack in a major way. It was easily one of the best episodes ever.

I joke about Jessie’s temporary bout of insanity, but I will admit I have encountered similar moments over the course of the last year. As you may know, I am an owner of rBar. I quit my full-time desk job a little over a year ago to pursue the roller coaster-esque life of an entrepreneur.  In the volatile hospitality/entertainment industry, nonetheless. Continue reading “Excuse me…Do You Have the Time? (ONE YEAR)” »

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Autor: Katie

So as I was thinking about what to write about, I was struggling a bit so I thought I would go seek inspiration at my favorite place…Target (you thought I was going to say the gym).  Anyway, as I pulled into the overcrowded parking lot, I was someone pull into the handicap spot.  Now, I don’t normally notice that very much.  It happens all the time and usually the people parking have a good reason to but when I saw this person get out of the car, I just got mad.  No other way to put it. 

Now before I start this rant, I understand that there are subsets of the group that I’m getting ready to talk about that are either trying to improve their situation or because of genetic or other medical reasons are facing more difficulty than others but those aren’t whom I’m talking.  I’m talking about the group that doesn’t care, that has let themselves go and expects everyone around them to accommodate it.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m talking about obese people, people that are dangerously tipping the scale.  People who by their sheer size are given handicap tags so that they can take a few less steps to get to the junk food which they are about to buy. 

Obesity is becoming one of the biggest epidemics this country has seen.  It’s estimated that over 40 million Americans are Obese or morbidly obese.  Which is I think makes sense when you consider the statistic that 78% of Americans aren’t meeting basic activity levels or are completely sedentary.  Unfortunately, we’re teaching our kids these habits.  Research has shown that at least 15% of the 5-19 year olds are obese.   

I have no tolerance for people who like to whine and moan about how sad their situation is but never try to change it.  At that point, you’re on your own.  If someone really wants to change, I think they can and I think there are plenty of resources available to them.  Make an effort to change, and I’ll have empathy for you.  Don’t change…and I’m taking away your handicap tag.  There are plenty of people that can really use it.

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Autor: Dave

Staring at a blank piece of paper can be very lonely.  I do it often.  It’s almost become therapeutic to me.  Every blog I’ve penned for Undercurrent has started with a blank piece of paper starting at me from my computer screen, with the same issue; I have no idea what I’m going to write about until it happens.  As is the case for this blog entry.  This one though is different.  Because its for the one year anniversary party and its gonna be blown up on a big fucking poster board.  Now thats pressure!  When Scott asked me to join the blog staff, he wanted me to write about local politics, current events and other stuff that others wouldn’t find the time to write about.  Initially I took the assignment on with great enthusiasm. After writing a total of zero blogs one month into the process, I realized that I had to write about stuff that was on my mind at that given moment and not worry about categories. Now one year later, its like I’ve never written before. I’m a blank slate and I have no idea where this is gonna go… Continue reading “A Blank Piece of Paper and My Man Crush on Tyler Florence (ONE YEAR)” »

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Autor: Jennifer

Awestruck and drooling, I looked longingly at a photograph at a local gallery, wanting to take the work home with me. The price tag of $3,000 was quite reasonable (really), but not exactly in my price range and the large framed photograph wouldn’t discreetly fit in my bag.

The many events I attend have made a remarkable dent in my checking account, but have lightened the pain of my savings account – nothing has gone in, leaving nothing available to come out.  However, my arts addiction and event-going has also resulted in actually saving me a fortune in bad gifts for myself and friends, and re-channeling my spending cash towards purchasing several art works that I find both inspiring and enchanting.

If you want to check you inner Andy Stitzer and outfit your home with love and style, here are several tips: 

Tip one: Enjoy the gallery walks. They happen often (check out Wash Ave, the Loop, Cherokee Street, and Grand Center).  They usually feature complimentary wine and face time with the artists.   If you see something you like and the price is a bit more than you have in your wallet, many galleries will arrange payment plans (think layaway).   Cost of the evening: nada.

Tip two: Check out the Flat Files at the Contemporary.  Look through hundreds of pieces of original art with the price tags attached. Some start at $25 with most being under $500. You then give the artist a call and offer to buy one of the works. Cost of the day: nada.

Tip three: Mark your calendars for the art fairs this fall.  Art Outside at the Schlafly Bottleworks, which is the first weekend of September, features local visual and performing artists in addition to those exploring video and the written word.  Cost: nada.

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Autor: Dwight

In the past month I have taken three people personal shopping in the mall. Outside of my PR Event Marketing company I have become this image/style consultant. My clients want to make an impression at an event, become a bit more edgy or want to transition working 9p-5p to playing from 9p-3am.  It has been an experience spending time in the Mall and giving fashion advice.

Before a store opens sales associates are getting prepped for the day. Their manager gives them their sales goals, the amount of tank tops they have to sell (because of the weekend promotion) and they are given the low numbers that they had the previous day.  This sales person is ready to get a high ADS (average dollar per sale) in their 4-6 hour shift. They have been trained to tell every woman that walks through the door that they have great shoes. They have been trained to let their customer know that everything they have on looks incredible! The doors open and in come my client and I, soon to be hated.

“No I don’t want an extra tank top for ten dollars!”

“No I came to get this belt and this belt only, I am not going to spend $50 to get a  $15 gift certificate for my next purchase”

The more I got involved in the sale the more the sales person showed hatred towards me.  My client  appreciated  the honesty when I tell her that green is not her color or that she should show her legs and try a short skirt.

“I don’t need to buy an extra pair of socks to get one free, you only have one good pair!”

There was one sales person that kept giving us her name. No matter where we were she would pop up and remind us her name. She even came up to the register while we were in line and clipped a card with her name on it to one of the hangers.  I am sorry but if I tell someone I don’t need help don’t try and help me.  Maybe if I am more rude they will ban me from the Mall.

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Autor: Marcia

~ 24/07/07

So, I am on the email list for because I want the latest scoop on what is going on in my city straight from the horse’s mouth and because I have a David Cassidy-esque crush on Francis. To all nay-sayers, I happen to dig what Slay is all about and regardless if you approve of him or his actions, you have to admit that the little fella has gotten quite a lot done on his watch right?

Well, on the last update,the press release below was included which baffled me? Chico and I did not realize that the happy hours at Mosaic and lunches at The Dubliner were not A-OK. Which by the way, I have to mention that the C-H-I-C-O yo, has lunch dates and coffee breaks more than I do….I just waste away in the shop while my supposed friends take the “furball” out for 2 hour Sabbaticals including hotspots like Red Lobster where not only did Chico maneuver himself inside to a booth, but the little bastard didn’t bring me back one of those tasty cheddar biscuits. The unfortunate thing is…I am so not joking here. I am already evolving into one of those creepy and psychotic dog ladies. Just wait until I have a pack of them… afraid. Very afraid.
Doggy Dining Update


Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Printer-Friendly Version | Forward to a Friend Two pieces of legislation supported by Mayor Slay are about to become law. The office of Gov.Matt Blunt has advised that the guv is slated to sign SB 22 on Friday. Among the various provisions of the new state law is one that will allow municipalities to pass local ordinances that allow dogs on outdoor patios and at sidewalk cafes. That same Friday, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen is scheduled to vote for the final time on Alderwoman Lyda Krewson’s BB 67, which will allow doggy dining in most parts of the City of St. Louis.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 04/12/06

Having the right amount of air in your tires increases your fuel economy and safety and helps your tires wear longer and withstand potholes. But no one – not even your mechanic – enjoys checking tire pressure so if you assume yours are at the right setting you’re probably wrong.

Many assume this is done when the oil’s changed but that’s not often enough. And if you double check their work you’ll find when they bother to do it at all they set the pressure 4 or more psi too low because tires are supposed to be checked BEFORE driving. It’s also unlikely your technician will go through the trouble of looking up the correct pressure on the door jamb.

That air leaks out over time, and due to an equation you might remember from high school – PV=nRT – as temperature drops, so does your tire pressure (the opposite of what you want – higher pressures increase traction in wet and snow).

Considering all of the above, its recommended people check their pressures every few weeks before the car is driven as well as after a major temperature swing.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that now you can fill your tires with nitrogen, which takes 5 times longer to leak out and is less far susceptible to temperature swings. I’ve known about this for years but until last week couldn’t find a place that had the proper equipment. COSTCO has the equipment but it might take your asking nicely if you didn’t buy tires there…

That is unless you prefer hydroplaning, getting lower fuel economy, or buying tires more often.

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