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~ 12/07/07


Pretty spiffy word huh? I happen to think so. Although, especially as of late….not a word that I have gotten to use very much. Stress. Another word, that happens to be flying out of my mouth at an all time high. Pity me not. Instead of doing Bikiriam Yoga-AKA barf yoga due to the intense heat and complicated contorted positions that WILL NEVER HAPPEN, or taking a vacay to a deserted beach somewhere due to budget and time constraints….I have chosen other forms of stress relief. Binge eating of Provolone and California Rolls help along with my love affair with a nice crisp Belvedere and water. Issues. A word that is probably floating around in your noggin right about….now. Continue reading “So What's The Word Bird?” »

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Autor: Scott

Why not have breakfast with the crew from the South City Open Studio and Gallary for Children (SCOSAG)? Kill two birds with one stone. Get good food, help kids. Sounds like a winning combo.

The Details:

SCOSAG’s Benefit Brunch
Sunday, July 15, 11:00am – 2:00pm.
Schlafly Bottleworks – 7260 Southwest Maplewood
Come on out for a nice Sunday nosh and show your support for the South City Open Studio and Gallery for Children (SCOSAG). Check out and look to the bottom for the brunch offerings. SCOSAG folks will be in the house until at least 2pm so don’t be shy!  Eat some pancakes!

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 17/06/07

We all know by now that talking on a cell phone increases your likelihood of an accident (or – in my case – simply hitting every pothole on the road).

Other studies have shown that talking to someone in the car is nearly as bad, the difference being you have the use of your both hands (assuming you actually use them for driving).

But as this link explains, kids squabbling in the back seat are a real danger.

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~ 02/05/07

Catchy title, huh? I can’t take credit – its a Flannery O’Connor story…

But I digress.

Street Survival – a program that teaches new drivers accident avoidance skills (read: how to control skids) is looking for four brave and giving souls to volunteer next Saturday the 12th. Attendance at a meeting tonight in oh – about an hour and a half – would be a good idea, but is not required.

Call me at 617.308.1136 if you need more info, directions to the meeting or even a ride.

Do it for the kids, do it for the person they are likely to hit, do it because you too are amazed you lived to see your 21st birthday given how you once drove…

Who knows – you might become a better driver – or at least less of a backseat driver – yourself.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 07/04/07

You’ve probably heard rumors about Highway 40 shutting down. I had too. And ever since I’ve been stressing about it without actually delving further. I should know better.

My friend Doug is to real estate what I am to cars, so when he pointed a group of us to this site I took a look on my phone right then and there (sorry Doug – how rude of me).

But I’m glad I did – I’ve been stressing a bit less since.

(Click here for the construction schedule for next week, April 9-14).

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Autor: Scott

~ 06/04/07

My head hurts today. The reason you ask? I drank way too much last night in celebration of my birthday. I turned 36.

Today, with coffee and aspirin in hand, I read an article on about activist groups lashing out against A-B over their Spykes brand, saying it encourages underage drinking. Now my head really hurts.

This battle seems to rage on over time with a new beverage landing in the spotlight. Any time a big alcohol company puts out something that tastes good in an attempt to target a market that they are losing to mixed drinks, the shots can be heard. “They are targeting kids!” Or my personal favorite… “It is a gateway drink!” Gateway to what? Scotch? My ass.

I got news for you. Kids will drink anything that they can acquire.  It can be Wild Turkey snuck out of the parent’s basement bar or a gallon jug of cheap white wine purchased by an older sibling. This is not a new problem manufactured by the evil A-B marketing machine. Kids have been doing this for as long as there has been a legal drinking age. They drink because we as adults tell them not to then go out and drink ourselves. Nothing better than the old “do as I say, not as I do” method of teaching. Guess what? It doesn’t work.

You want to stop kids from drinking? Pay attention to them. Know who their friends are, know their parents. Ask where they are going and who is going to be there. Be honest with them and explain the dangers of drinking; arrest, addiction, damage to organs, loss of inhibition, weight gain, drunk driving, and death. Hmm maybe I should listen too!

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 13/02/07

Sixteen to eighteen year olds are statistically more likely to die in car accidents than all the other ages combined, so I’m always horrified when families hand down cars with questionable crash safety, failing shock absobers, wiper blades and brakes, cheap tires and no stability control.

So when possible, I volunteer to teach skid control techniques at the Street Survival School held just 5 minutes from downtown. If you know a teen that drives or anyone who is intimidated by today’s weather*, please spread the word about this event – at the beginning of the day there are flattened cones everywhere, by the end of the day you’ll be amazed at what these kids can get their jalopies to do…

* Registration limited to 30 drivers – preference will be given to teens.

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Autor: Dave

~ 01/02/07

As I’m traveling right now, don’t have a lot of time to post my own thoughts on this, and I’ve made a previous post on the St. Louis School Board situation.  Steve Patterson over at has called for Board President Veronica O’Brien’s immediate resignation.  You can view his entire article here, but he has even gone as far as to put together a petition you can sign online.  He has acquired over 120 signatures as of this morning.  Whether you agree or not, please voice your opinion.  I know I have.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 23/01/07

Please note that I’ve made a correction to an earlier post – apparently the original shop I mentioned has been inconsistent in honoring their pledge to give discounts. I’ll update you all as I find locations other than Costco to have this done – the benefits of nitrogen filling are many and it more than pays for itself.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 04/12/06

Having the right amount of air in your tires increases your fuel economy and safety and helps your tires wear longer and withstand potholes. But no one – not even your mechanic – enjoys checking tire pressure so if you assume yours are at the right setting you’re probably wrong.

Many assume this is done when the oil’s changed but that’s not often enough. And if you double check their work you’ll find when they bother to do it at all they set the pressure 4 or more psi too low because tires are supposed to be checked BEFORE driving. It’s also unlikely your technician will go through the trouble of looking up the correct pressure on the door jamb.

That air leaks out over time, and due to an equation you might remember from high school – PV=nRT – as temperature drops, so does your tire pressure (the opposite of what you want – higher pressures increase traction in wet and snow).

Considering all of the above, its recommended people check their pressures every few weeks before the car is driven as well as after a major temperature swing.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that now you can fill your tires with nitrogen, which takes 5 times longer to leak out and is less far susceptible to temperature swings. I’ve known about this for years but until last week couldn’t find a place that had the proper equipment. COSTCO has the equipment but it might take your asking nicely if you didn’t buy tires there…

That is unless you prefer hydroplaning, getting lower fuel economy, or buying tires more often.

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