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~ 17/07/09

Now this looks fun! From our friends at Sauce Magazine via the Daily Sauce:

Opera + Fire
Looking for some complimentary opera? Then listen up at Third Degree Glass Factory tonight, when performers from Union Avenue Opera will offer a noteworthy peek from the season opener, Verdi’s Il Trovatore.

Afterwards, the Michael Jonas Band will switch things up with bluegrass, new grass and jazz. And it goes without saying that glassblowing demos – complete with sign language student interpreters from SLCC-Florissant Valley – are scheduled throughout the festivities. Meanwhile, hands-on types can make glass keepsakes of their own, while looky-loos can take in two new glassy exhibits – Karen Woodard’s Dreamzine Dudes and Jessica Kopitske’s Duck! New Glass.

As far as our favorite part? The long-standing tradition of favorite wine bottles being transformed into glass platters for only 10 bucks each.

What: Third Friday Open House
When: Fri., July 17 – 6 to 10 p.m. (Opera at 7 p.m.)
Where: Third Degree Glass Factory, 5200 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis
Cost: Free
Info: 314.367.4527 or

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 11/12/08

Current commentary here.

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~ 17/11/08

If you have made the mistake t looking at your 401k or IRA statements lately, you know well the effects of this economic “perfect storm.” Though times are tough for all of us, they are hitting the art world especially hard as pointed out in the PD.

Though most of us can’t afford to write a big check to save the day, we can do something. Go to a play, see an exhibit, buy a membership, make a $20 donation to your favorite institution. Every little bit helps and if we all do a little that equals a lot. So support your local arts scene. It is what makes life worth living! Check out for a list of participating organizations and information on ways to get involved.

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~ 14/10/08

October is only ½ way over and to celebrate the midpoint, Connect With… in partnership with the Regional Arts Commission is presenting Arts Unzipped tomorrow (10/15) from 5:30pm – 8:00pm at the Regional Arts Commission. The evening will feature live performances, art, roller girls, and beer from our still local brewer, Schlafly. All for free!

The Details:

Connect With… Arts Unzipped
Wednesday, October 15, 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Regional Arts Commission – 6128 Delmar
Mingle, discover, and connect at the premier arts event: Arts Unzipped. Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the midst of art-making delight while learning about the incredible number of arts organizations that frame the cultural landscape in St. Louis.

The event is free but RSVPs are encouraged. For more info or to RSVP, visit

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~ 22/05/08

It is that time of year again! Be sure and grab a blanket and your best picnic fare and take a trip to Forest Park for the Shakespeare Festival. This year’s performance is The Tragedy of King Richard the Third.

Details are:

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Autor: Rhonda

~ 28/02/08

Looks like is prepping to launch a St. Louis site.

For those of you not in the know, metromix covers all things entertainment. As the site says, “Your one-stop local entertainment guide on where to go and what to do, from the hottest restaurants and bars, to the latest in music, movies, and entertainment.”

St. Louis joins the ranks of Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and just added … Lehigh Valley, Penn. KSDK is leading the way for metromix, which leaves me rejoicing because the TV station’s Web site isn’t easy to navigate, and the Post-Dispatch’s Web site’s entertainment section is a bit lacking. 

At the same time, the St. Louis metromix staff has big shoes to fill in competing for advertising dollars with the local array of entertainment news sources such as the RFT, the glossy mags and Sauce, to name a few. Time will tell how this site makes its way into the media mix.

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Autor: Scott

~ 25/10/07

Connect With… 2007 is coming to a close but there is still plenty to do and experience.  13 events remain, ranging from walking with spirits (the ghostly and beverage kind) tonight in the Lemp neighborhood to bowling with Young Republicans at Saratoga Lanes (better than duck hunting with Dick Cheney) to a big final party on November 1st at Pepper Lounge. So check out the lineup and go out and get connected!

The Line-Up:
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Autor: Rhonda

~ 01/10/07

This girl is Kentucky born and bred. (Go Cats!) So, being from Louisville – I can say it shares a lot of similarities with our city – especially in the sense of revitalizing its urban center. In some ways, St. Louis can learn from a sister river city just four hours away off Interstate 64.

A friend of mine has put together Backseat Sandbar, a blog pointing out the music scene and culture within the ‘Ville. Instead of River City Professionals, Cory is targeting River City Scenesters. Check it out at

Also amusing are efforts in branding Louisville a “Possibility City” with quirky offbeat ads at These spots – all over YouTube – are apparently airing on television in major metro markets. I find this interesting since our RCGA’s own “Perfectly Centered. Remarkably Connected!” brand of sorts seems dormant.

Take a peek …

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Autor: Marcia

~ 09/08/07

Sex. Drugs. and Rock and Roll.

Let’s just say I am 0 for 3 and in a slump. You can figure it out.

As of late, I really have embraced what little time I do have to myself….and I don’t mean attending all these glam St.Louis “VIP” parties…sure they are fun, and somewhat entertaining. Somewhat. It’s good for business and your self-esteem I suppose to have access to the “good life”. I suppose. In the end, nothing makes this girl smile more than veering off the beaten path of Washington Ave and going into smoky, maybe even slightly seedy music venues to rock out with my close friend(s) and experience live LOCAL music. I would probably even prefer to go alone sometimes but even I care about the social stigma of being a lone female out on the town by herself. Oh don’t get me wrong, I am not some wannabe “emo” kid with angst weighing down on my shoulders….I still wear my girly dresses and designer heels to the shows while I ponder on why I am not as ballsy as the chick with the raven haired pig-tails and tattoos lined up her back or why I never learned how to play the guitar like the badass strokin it with such confidence and flair on stage. At the end of the night, I feel invigorated by it all because nothing really matters…the venue-some of the most “crappiest” in look and feel host some of the best talent…..the lack of top shelf booze….”yes, I’ll drink a PBR, since there’s shortage in Ciroc”…..the stresses of everyday life…just kind of floats away,when either you relate to a song because it “had to be written specifically for you and your situation” or even better yet, when the thumping beat of a hook or strings of a guitar elevate your mood to such a grandeur state that you forget that your A/C just broke in the 100 degree heat, you have an 8am meeting, and that your mortgage is due again. My how time flies when you are all grown up. Continue reading “You Rock The Party That Rocks My Body.” »

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Autor: Leigh-Anne

~ 23/07/07

During a particularly trying Friday night at work and a long ass week to boot, I found myself ‘hiding’ for just a bit in the 120 degree basement of rBar. Not wanting to do anything requiring brain power or social interaction for about fifteen minutes, I decided to check E! Online for the latest and greatest in Hollywood gossip…hoping the Tinseltown drama would overshadow my own.

Much to my surprise, St. Louis was gracing the headlines that particular evening.

St. Louis! On E! What! Continue reading “E! True Hollywood Story: St. Louis?” »

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