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~ 26/07/07

Just a reminder to stop by the Blu CitySpaces tonight to celebrate the 1st Birthday of No cake and ice cream, but plenty of free beer and apps, entertainment and a chance to win some very cool prizes!

I know there is a lot going on around town tonight, so if you can’t make it before 9pm, just head straight to rBar for the afterparty and a nightcap!

Hope to see you tonight!

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 28/06/07

…for one of the most highly anticipated devices ever created: Apple’s iPhone.

You can see why here.

(I’m going to try to hold out ’til they add GPS pintpointing and delete the ‘AT&T only’ and ‘sorry, no insurance’ policies).

UPDATE: Almost 24 hours since the iPhone’s release and many are waking up wondering what all the hooplah was about. In terms of the many who waited in line overnight that is… One of my coworkers camped out for 36 hours in San Francisco to be among the first 25 in line only to have another’s wife stand in line from 5:30 til 7:00 before walking out with one.

Now that I’ve had the chance to use it, it’s no less impressive. The network is fast enough for browsing comfortably (although YouTube videos take quite awhile). The user interface is incredibly intuitive but i wish the thing could be oriented horizontally for functions other than videos and web browsing… And speaking of video, there is no video camera – a shame given other cameras with far less than 4GB-8GB of memory have included one for ages.

Anyone else who has used it care to comment?

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 17/06/07

We all know by now that talking on a cell phone increases your likelihood of an accident (or – in my case – simply hitting every pothole on the road).

Other studies have shown that talking to someone in the car is nearly as bad, the difference being you have the use of your both hands (assuming you actually use them for driving).

But as this link explains, kids squabbling in the back seat are a real danger.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 29/05/07

Reuters reports that Nissan has warned owners the its intelligent key can be rendered useless if placed in the same pocket as a cell phone. (For those of you who don’t know, this is Nissan’s version of the new generation of car keys that allow you to get into and start the car so long as the key is on your person). When your hotel room key forgets who you are, help is an elevator ride away – this might mean you’re forced to spend the night in a hotel.

Click here for more…

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Autor: Scott

~ 23/04/07

Somehow… Ignore my earlier post. I am perfect and never do anything wrong. Really!

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Autor: Scott

Yes indeed, I will take full ownership. I was messing with formatting and somehow broke the page layout. Never fear. Someone smarter than I (doesn’t take much) has volunteered to fix my foolish mistake, maybe event make it better and idiot proof. Until that time, try to overlook the empty column where navigation should be. Feel free, however, to send sneering comments my way.

Yes. It is Monday.

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Autor: Scott

~ 17/04/07

Today I made a purchase. A four pack of Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cables. Why? Good question. I have enough USB cables to connect every possible attachable device in my home and office. In addition, the need for cables that “light up” when plugged in? No clue. Well that my dear friends, is the joy of WOOT!

Just look at this description from WOOT!:

You Light Up My USB Ports
We thought nothing could be more exciting than USB cables. Then we saw these Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cables and realized what idiots we’d been. If anything says “yes, I’m a total badass, ladies form an orderly line” like these luminous doodads, we’ve yet to plug it in.

Just to shed a little light on the subject (sorry, sorry, a thousand times sorry), let’s be clear: your order will include one cable each in red, blue, and orange, and green, netting you four cables in toto. These ten-foot USB type A to USB type B cables sport sporty gold-plated connectors and are suitable for connecting USB hubs and other devices to your PC or Mac. Or you can stow them away in a time capsule, so the barbaric denizens of a scorched, barren future Earth can marvel at the frivolity of our long-vanished society.

Even better? The price of $7.99. Yes, 40 total feet of luminous USB connectivity for less than $.20/foot!

WOOT! Is an interesting ritual to my day. The premise is simple. Take a bunch of “crap” that is not moving anywhere else and throw it up on a website with a low price and a clever description (reminiscent of the old J. Peterman catalog days) and viola! Sales will occur. Items run from Midnight to Midnight and range from USB powered fans for $2.99 to large flat screen televisions for under $1,500. Just to gimmick it up even more, every Tuesday is “Twofor Tuesdays” (two items, duh) and occasionally they will add in a “WOOTOFF” (new item every hour) or a “Random Bag of Crap” (mystery collection of items for $1.00). Good stuff sells out fast so it is almost enough to keep you up to the witching hour every night! Well… no. Not really.
So today I just had to hit the “I Want One!” button and order me some USB cables. The great PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute, and well, I think I hear the crank organ and the elephants off in the distance.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 10/01/07

That’s what I’ve been saying for years about the idea of Apple making a cell phone.

And now details on iPhone have been released.

But will I spend $5-600 for the device?

I love the interface and too many other things to list here but worry the product’s been held back by the tie ins… for example you have to use Cingular’s EDGE service despite Sprint’s service being faster.

I’ll let you know if Apple’s getting my money (again) once I’ve managed to get my hands on one…

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 25/08/06

To loosely paraphrase our very own Scott Lapp, “If you can’t have a good time in this city you’re a total loser!”

Organizations like the RCP were put in place to make St. Louis easier to enjoy, and something I’ve found invaluable in getting the most out of the city is google’s SMS service.

If you can send a text message, you can have google look up addresses and phone numbers, give you driving directions, check movie times and weather forecasts and much much more.

Click here for more details.

Warning: Excesive use of Google SMS will also make you look like a total loser. Not that I’d know…

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 18/08/06

1) take a look at your speaker connections – if there are four posts connected by a brass ‘jumper’ you’re in for a treat. turning the power off, remove the brass jumpers and strip the speaker wire down an additional couple inches. now thread the wire through both posts on the positive side and the negative side, making sure the wires don’t touch. the idea here is that speaker wire makes a much better conductor than the brass posts – if you don’t hear the difference you’d be the first.

2) take the so called ‘bookshelf’ speakers off the bookshelf – you want to place them about ear level on something that will not resonate; believe it or not cinder blocks are some of the best speaker stands you can buy and they cost just a couple bucks. don’t like the look of concrete in your living room? wrap ‘em in a fabric or something – besides after you hear what your speakers were meant to sound like you’ll agree that any other way just looks dumb.

3) decide where you want the sound to sound best Continue reading “how to make your home stereo sound like a million bucks for nearly nothing” »

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