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~ 15/08/06

Ok. So maybe I do sell HP and this is a bit self serving… But still! Given the amount of Dell laptops owned by young professionals, it is good info to have right???

Dell has identified a problem with batteries issued with some notebook models that may present a fire risk. So if you bought a Dell Latitude™, Inspiron™, XPS™ or Dell Precision Mobile Workstation™ notebook from April 2004 to July 2006, visit them online to see if you have one of the suspect batteries and how to get a replacement.


In an effort to be “fair and balanced…” Apple announces today (8/24) the recall of 1.8 million Sony-built notebook batteries for the same reasons. More on this here from

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Autor: Scott

~ 13/08/06

Recently, I received an offer too good to refuse… “25,000 airline miles! Just sign up for our credit card!” Well who can say no to 25,000 miles? I could see the return to Ireland off in the distance…

The card came, and I did just what any red blooded debt ridden American boy would do… contemplate what iPod to buy. I immediately picked up my mobile to call the local Mac guru, Ran. He asked me a few lifestyle questions and then his answer made me almost drop my phone… “Don’t buy an iPod.” “Excuse me?” I responded. “But everyone has to have an iPod, they are the best right?”  Again, “don’t buy an iPod.” His counter offer… The Creative ZEN Nano Plus.  I was intrigued.

I pondered his advice and did a little research. It did not take long to get over my need to be part of the iPod owning “in crowd.” The ZEN Nano Plus is about the size of a box of matches, weighing next to nothing. The controls are on the side and can be customized via the options menu to be comfortable to both lefty and righty users. The unit comes complete with 1 GB of storage, an FM receiver, protective rubber case with belt clip, and an arm band. The best part… $69. That is right. $69.  There are some limitations, such as small screen size and lack of custom play lists, but there are some work a-rounds, such as building custom folders on your PC/Mac with your favorite tune sets ahead of time.

So bottom line, if all you are looking for is a way to listen to your tunes while jogging or going to the gym (in my case, walking the dog or sitting under a tree) this is a great buy. If you want to store your entire music collection on one device or plan to backpack across Asia, then the iPod still has its place.


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