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~ 11/12/08

Current commentary here.

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~ 24/11/08

Today, I had the opportunity to add my first choice-book of the season to my wish list. I smiled as I clicked the option “add to wish list.” Despite the fact I’ve moved to a new house and every book I own is in stacks -and not those cool college library ones, I still can’t help browsing for new titles to add to the pile of unreads.

Read some commentary on my pick: The Chicagoan. Just as St. Louis often has the “New York-syndrome,” Chicago culture seemed to lead suit by producing its own version of The New Yorker.  Unfortunately, the Chicagoan disappeared from production long ago. . .what’s the future of zines and newsprint anyway?

Side note: To make good on your own wishlists (and others), head to Barnes & Noble in Ladue to help raise some money for local charity: the Contemporary Art Musuem St. Louis. Mention its name over the course of December 7 and 8, and it’ll receive a portion of the proceeds.

Happy reading!

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Autor: Scott

~ 17/11/08

If you have made the mistake t looking at your 401k or IRA statements lately, you know well the effects of this economic “perfect storm.” Though times are tough for all of us, they are hitting the art world especially hard as pointed out in the PD.

Though most of us can’t afford to write a big check to save the day, we can do something. Go to a play, see an exhibit, buy a membership, make a $20 donation to your favorite institution. Every little bit helps and if we all do a little that equals a lot. So support your local arts scene. It is what makes life worth living! Check out for a list of participating organizations and information on ways to get involved.

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Autor: Rhonda

~ 28/02/08

Looks like is prepping to launch a St. Louis site.

For those of you not in the know, metromix covers all things entertainment. As the site says, “Your one-stop local entertainment guide on where to go and what to do, from the hottest restaurants and bars, to the latest in music, movies, and entertainment.”

St. Louis joins the ranks of Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and just added … Lehigh Valley, Penn. KSDK is leading the way for metromix, which leaves me rejoicing because the TV station’s Web site isn’t easy to navigate, and the Post-Dispatch’s Web site’s entertainment section is a bit lacking. 

At the same time, the St. Louis metromix staff has big shoes to fill in competing for advertising dollars with the local array of entertainment news sources such as the RFT, the glossy mags and Sauce, to name a few. Time will tell how this site makes its way into the media mix.

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Autor: Scott

~ 25/10/07

Connect With… 2007 is coming to a close but there is still plenty to do and experience.  13 events remain, ranging from walking with spirits (the ghostly and beverage kind) tonight in the Lemp neighborhood to bowling with Young Republicans at Saratoga Lanes (better than duck hunting with Dick Cheney) to a big final party on November 1st at Pepper Lounge. So check out the lineup and go out and get connected!

The Line-Up:
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~ 26/07/07

Just a reminder to stop by the Blu CitySpaces tonight to celebrate the 1st Birthday of No cake and ice cream, but plenty of free beer and apps, entertainment and a chance to win some very cool prizes!

I know there is a lot going on around town tonight, so if you can’t make it before 9pm, just head straight to rBar for the afterparty and a nightcap!

Hope to see you tonight!

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Autor: Marcia

~ 14/06/07

Love the word “SHOE”

Hate the word “DIET”

Folks, this could get interesting.

I am pleased to co-host a “really cool” event (if I do say so myself) this Friday, June 15th called “Shoes And The City” which will be held at the uber cool Packard Lofts, in you guessed it….Downtown St.Louis baby! From 5:30pm – 8:30pm you can hang out with your galpals and catch up while you are waiting to get your booked signed by the adorably genius Dr.Isabelle Shaw,who wrote this motivational and inspirational book. As the doc ordered, “fashion and science can strut down the catwalk together to help weight-obsessed America shed those extra pounds.” As you all know by now, I love to exercise and eat Lean Cuisine about as much as I like to do my taxes or sitting in traffic on Highway 40. Ugh. However, if I were to be enticed by a sexy emerald green pair of Jimmy Choo’s…well that’s a totally different story. Size 37 in the Choos if anyone wants to be my new BFF. Continue reading “The Shoe Diet” »

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 23/02/07

The Contemporary recentlly collected a whole lot of books from its guests with the intention of sending them down to New Orleans to help their starved libraries. Then they find out that New Orleans has lots of books – too many, in fact, to process.  Sticking as closely to original intentions as possible, the Contemporary now offering the books for sale. All proceeds go to the New Orleans Library Rebuilding Campaign.  Now, I’m not promising the best selection. I’ve scanned the books twice and have already purchased around 20 books. That’s 20 books that you can no longer have.  However, there’s hundreds of other books that I left there for you. Some of which you might find interesting. Now, if you’re like me you already have a pretty long reading list, but don’t let that discourage you from browsing. It’s better to pay $2 for a used book you’ll never read than a new one from a big chain that costs $15.  See, you’re saving $13.

Book sales goes on today (until 5pm) and tomorrow (10am-4pm).

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, 3750 Washington, 63108

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 01/02/07

So, I’m really torn. On one hand, I have Select Night at the Contemporary, which I’ve organized and should be fantastic.  The Riverfront Times wrote it up this week and reminded me how much fun it will be.

And then, well, there’s the Ten Jens Reading at the Bottleworks, which I am supposed to read at (I’m hoping to be hit by a truck first). So, what to do? Both events feature beer.  Both events feature art. Both are in St. Louis. Damn, what more could you ask for?
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Autor: Scott

~ 29/01/07

If I could plan your social calendar… it would be bizarre, that goes without saying. But I guarantee that you would have a very eclectic, enjoyable evening filled with extremes, delights, libations, and great company. Intrigued? Give it a try this Thursday.

Try to keep up.
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