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~ 07/05/09

From their FaceBook Page:

The Royale is hosting a Resume Clinic on Tuesday May 12th from 2-5pm. Please respond with to set up an appointment. You will receive a 30 minute consultation on your resume by an experienced resume writer, and all those seeking help with resumes will receive a free Missouri draft.

And our expert:
Miriam Moynihan

With more than 15 years working as an editor and
reporter for several major metro newspapers, Miriam Moynihan is skilled at interviewing people, and boiling down and presenting ideas in writing. Moynihan has been doing resumes for other people since working at a print shop while in

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~ 26/07/07

Just a reminder to stop by the Blu CitySpaces tonight to celebrate the 1st Birthday of No cake and ice cream, but plenty of free beer and apps, entertainment and a chance to win some very cool prizes!

I know there is a lot going on around town tonight, so if you can’t make it before 9pm, just head straight to rBar for the afterparty and a nightcap!

Hope to see you tonight!

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~ 17/07/07

The critics of St. Louis are at it again. This time, St. Louis has the dubious honor of being listed as a Slow City by FastCompany. Their reasoning was a low ranking on the “Weirdness Index,” a composite measure of “above average” activities and behaviors compiled from market research data covering 75 different activities (not quite sure what they are – anyone?). Interesting to note, our list mate is Havana, Cuba. Havana?? Come on! We are as lame as a city in a communist controlled country? COME ON!!

Their Take:

St. Louis, Missouri
Too normal for its own good. It ranks dead last on CityVitals’ “Weirdness Index,” a measure of passion and engagement.

So, we are not weird enough. Too normal. I guess that is a fair statement if they spent their time at Trainwreck in Westport listening to Paint the Earth every weekend. Now, had their weird gurus made a trip to the city, they may have found a different world. A world with the City Museum, Venice Cafe, events like Venus Envy, Wallball, and Hoosier Weight Boxing, independent theater showing more than retreads of Meet Me in St. Louis, a pagan festival in Tower Grove Park every summer, a well attended Pridefest weekend… I am sure that I am missing some things, and in fairness, not knowing the 75 activities, hard to counter. It is fair to say that we need much much more of these types of things. But we have to start somewhere. To me, it always comes down to one thing, lack of AWARENESS.
Now, for a completely different view of STL, take a look at Forbes, who listed St. Louis at 14th in the Best Cities for Young Professionals. Chicago was 16th BTW.

Their Take:

St. Louis, Mo.
A very high share of the best 400 big businesses and best 200 small businesses call St. Louis home. In that measure, it ranked sixth. In attracting the cream of the graduate crop, it clocked in at 16th. The never-married population was good for 24th, and salary to cost of living hovers right around the national mean.

OK. Not a measure of “weird” but a good take of STL and the opportunities that exist for young professionals.  

Maybe the city just needs a hipper PR firm?

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~ 07/04/07

You’ve probably heard rumors about Highway 40 shutting down. I had too. And ever since I’ve been stressing about it without actually delving further. I should know better.

My friend Doug is to real estate what I am to cars, so when he pointed a group of us to this site I took a look on my phone right then and there (sorry Doug – how rude of me).

But I’m glad I did – I’ve been stressing a bit less since.

(Click here for the construction schedule for next week, April 9-14).

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~ 29/11/06

There are a lot of promises out there in networking organization land.  “Our group offers over 75% decision makers!” “Guaranteed leads with every visit!” “Free oil change with every handshake!” With all this hype, it can be hard to decide where to spend your hard earned money and time.

How do you choose which one to join? Just remember this… Not all decision makers and leads are created equal. While the above statements may be true, the questions is, do these decision makers and leads fit within your marketing focus? The best way to decide is to first identify who you are and what you sell.

Who you are: Networking is about beneficial connections. It is about building a network of acquaintances that will help you in your professional life. These people can be friends, coaches, mentors, partners, and/or prospects. The best way to find these people is to be someplace where you are comfortable and can be yourself. If you like social settings, happy hours may be the best place for you. If you like volunteer opportunities, volunteer. If you crave structure and a more “professional” setting, groups like BNI may be your best vehicle. Just be comfortable and genuine. People can sense when you are out of your element and will tend to stay away from you. Not good for networking.

What you sell: Again, all decision makers and leads are not created equal. You can be in a room full of business owners, but if you sell $1,000,000 computer systems, the woman who owns the pet store and is looking for a PC may not be ready to write you that check. Of course, as mentioned in prior posts, never underestimate the power of her network. While she may not be able to buy from you, she may know 5 people who can. Be specific about what you do and who your best prospect is.

Armed with this knowledge, investigate the various groups and ask questions in order to find the best fit for your personality and product. If the organization charges, what are the added benefits for being a member and are there additional costs to attend events over and above the yearly dues? A lot of organizations will try to deflect the cost by talking about the opportunities to make deals. While this may be true, cash is king and cash flow, not “opportunities” makes the car payment. Do not over extend yourself to join a networking organization. The best things in life are free, and sometimes, so are networking opportunities. My best networking success stories come from weddings, holiday parties, and airline gates.

Bottom line, be yourself, be comfortable, know your product and your ideal prospect, and make friends. Networking is fun! Really! 

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~ 16/11/06

In my job, I often go to events geared to training small companies and entrepreneurs on various aspects of business. Topics like how to successfully hire, maintain financials, recognize trends, market your business, etc. Often, the topic of “How to Network” comes around and that usually gets my eyes to rolling.

The message is always the same, whether it be from a sales coach or marketing guru: “don’t talk to people you know… don’t sit with people you know… limit your conversations to 5 to 10 minutes… quickly identify if someone is of value to you or a “timewaster”… get lots of cards, make notes on them…” The idea is; you have a limited time with a room full of people. Identify the people who are going to be able to further your career, talk to them, and excuse yourself from the people who can’t as fast as possible. Sound cold and transparent to you?

I have seen many people employ this technique of networking. Some are masters. They can work the room and blow you off if they perceive you are not “valuable” and leave you feeling like you just met the greatest guy on earth. Most, however, suck at this, leaving you feel cheap and used by the end of the short barrage of qualifying questions. Worse still… imagine if you are a decision maker. By the end of the night you will be hit upon by so many sales people that you will feel like the only cute girl at a science fiction/fantasy convention. And you wonder why most networking events are only filled with sales people?

I approach networking the same way I approach sales, make friends. Forget titles, forget techniques… have fun. Networking is about beneficial connections, social and professional. The only real “timewasters” are people who are boring or creepy. Excuse yourself from them as quickly as possible but never leave a great conversation just because their title does not fit your target marketing criteria. When it comes to friends, don’t shy away from them, leverage them. Get your friends to introduce you to new people and vice versa.

Bottom line, you never know where business will come from and title does not always mean decision maker. That school teacher you might have blown off by following the established networking method? Well his wife may be the Senior VP of Marketing that won’t return your calls. Even more important, you may miss out on the chance to interact with a really great person and potential new BFF. In the words of Jeffery Gitomer, famed sales guru, “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. And all things being NOT so equal, people STILL want to do business with their friends.” Go make friends.

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~ 15/09/06

My sister and I are very different creatures – after a long day she wants to go home and unwind whereas I prefer to go out to do the same. Partly it’s the nature of our jobs: she’s salaried, I’m not. For me going out is partly a way of marketing car counsel and myself as a consultant to non-automotive ventures (I keep promising myself I’ll write off every drink but never get around to it).

Today a friend sent me this link, proving that that going out isn’t just good fun it’s a good business practice.

Events put on by groups like the River City Professionals and others or even a few drinks at a the rare bar where it’s quiet enough to have a conversation do more than give you a chance to oogle the opposite sex – they’re chances to form business connections and help you practice your elevator pitch.

Which brings me to something else that’s been on my mind: the October 3rd ‘Connect With…’ event at Moulin – the biggest networking event of the year. If you’re not planning to be there you better hope your competitors aren’t either.

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~ 08/08/06

Let’s face it. It is all about who you know and one key to to success is to know more people. Think networking is useless? Too time consuming? Here is a great article outlining the facts and fiction of networking. Happy reading!


August RCP – Tuesday, August 15th @ Atomic Cowboy.

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