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~ 31/08/06

So I wish I could say that I have never had a hangover.  That’s like saying that I have never driven over the speed limit, or forgot to file my taxes on time.  Its just not true.  I would say however, that in my 30 something years on the planet my time spent worshipping the porcelain Gods thankfully have been limited.  This is primarily because I try to “prepare” for my hangovers in advance.  Look, we all know that when we hit the city scene at night in St. Louis, things can get kind of interesting.  Hangin’ with good friends, meeting new people, and generally forgetting that the phrase “Oh I’ll only have one or two beers” is usually forgotten with number five.  Discipline is a virtue. not a rule.

So I thought I would list a couple of things to help with the hangover blues that others may be aware of , however, may not put into play when they are out and about forgetting that their body is within just a few hours of being very upset with them: Continue reading “Hangovers-St. Louis Style!” »

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Autor: Scott

~ 30/08/06

Ever wanted to brew your own beer or have a winery in your garage but just too intimidated by the process? Then check this out! Thanks to a heads up from my freind Bill over at the Wingtip Group, a nifty article in todays outlining how to make your own infused vodka!  Go crazy. Experiment a little. Just remember to invite me when your fist batch is complete.

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 28/08/06

One of the minor triumphs of my teenage life was convincing my parents to let me hang a poster in my room that said:

See Dick Drink

See Dick Drive

See Dick Die

Don’t be a Dick

(Others had sex or did drugs, I hung posters).

My love – okay obsession – with cars used to be like any boy’s (“How fast? Much much?”) but when I nearly lost my dad to drunk driving then lost my best friend to the same my focus changed (“How well does it brake and handle? How well does it crash?”)

I’m happy to report that there’s now an alternative available to anyone who’s been tempted to drive after drinking, and unlike taking a cab you’ll wake up the next morning with you car in your driveway. It’s called The Driver’s Seat.

I’m so into the concept I’ve contacted them about filling in as a substitute driver. If nothing else I’ll donate that poster to them – my mom would love that.

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Autor: Marcia

~ 27/08/06

Maybe I am talking out of my arse, but I think there is nothing sexier than a man in a good suit.
Notice the word, “GOOD”. There is nothing worse than a man in a dated, wrinkly, un-tailored or just plain cheaply made blazer and pleated pant combo. I honestly would rather you wear nothing at all.
Hold on, was I coming on to you? Wink Wink

So before I sexually harass more innocent men (is that an oxy-moron by the way?)here is a guide that I feel will get you on your way with the help of GQ and Money magazine.

There is a certain testimony that better wool suits have higher thread counts (super 180s as opposed to super 120s), but synthetics are more durable than wool and won’t wrinkle. A good suit has a quality lining inside the jacket.

While a higher thread count usually yields a more supple fabric, it also means that fabric is less durable. Plenty of well-to-do chaps are surprised to find, soon after shelling out a few grand for a super 180 suit, that the fabric is beginning to wear out in the seat and knees. Synthetics are more durable, but they don’t breathe as well. As for the lining-pay it no mind.
A great suit could have no-hum lining or none at all. Better indicators are functional buttonholes and seams that are stiched, not glued.

Look for a slightly coarse wool (super 100 and below) says Neal Boyarsky, a men’s fabric wholesaler in NYC who recommends suits from Ermenegildo Zegna. Unlike many other fashion labels, Zegna is a respected textile company AND a clothing label. This means that you are guaranteed to get a suit made from high quality fabrics. Don’t have $2000 laying around?
Try suits from Jack Victor which operates out of Canada- a long source of quality tailoring.

Another budget saving idea is try logging on to Fantastic pricing and they can have your suit shipped next day air, with a quick trip to your tailor (don’t even think about skipping this step!), and you’ll be ready for your next business meeting or a hot date by the weekend.


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Autor: Scott

The Atomic Cowboy was hopping as we celebrated our 4th anniversary! Thank you to all who participated in our school supply drive. We were able to collect two barrels full of supplies and over $200! If you missed the event but would still like to help KidSmart, donations can be made at Also a big thank you to Miller and Summit for their support. Pics coming soon. Really!

Next event is Tuesday, September 19th at Lucas School House. Go RSVP at

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 25/08/06

To loosely paraphrase our very own Scott Lapp, “If you can’t have a good time in this city you’re a total loser!”

Organizations like the RCP were put in place to make St. Louis easier to enjoy, and something I’ve found invaluable in getting the most out of the city is google’s SMS service.

If you can send a text message, you can have google look up addresses and phone numbers, give you driving directions, check movie times and weather forecasts and much much more.

Click here for more details.

Warning: Excesive use of Google SMS will also make you look like a total loser. Not that I’d know…

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Autor: Scott

Fancy yourself an undiscovered star? Come to the STAGES Performing Arts Academy and live the dream! The Academy starts on September 6th, offering courses in voice, dance, drama, and my favorite, musical theater. Open to any skill level and ages 18 months to adult. For a complete list of classes or to enroll, visit the STAGES website.

Do not delay. Classes fill up fast! This could be your chance at Broadway and beyond! OK, maybe not, but you will have a lot of fun!

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Autor: Scott

~ 24/08/06

The first ever Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of Champions will take place at the Saint Louis Science Center BJC SportsWorks exhibition on Friday, September 8th. This tourney will crown the ultimate competitor of RPS Smackdown and it is rumored that World RPS Society founder Graham Walker is flying in from the Czech Republic to host the competition (beginning at 7pm).

For more information about the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament of Champions or the BJC SportsWorks exhibition at the Science Center, the public may visit

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Autor: Scott

On the evening of Sunday, August 27, from 6 to 9 p.m., the arts collective Hoobellatoo will host its first Experiential Auction in the back-yard beer garden of The Royale, 3132 South Kingshighway.  The items for auction will be experiences with interesting local people. Admission is $10, which pays for your first bid. All bidding starts at $10.

Experiences on-auction will range from a private lunch with Loop developer Joe Edwards at Blueberry Hill to a ride about town with entrepreneur Steve Fitzpatrick Smith in his vintage Cadillac to a romantic dinner for two overlooking the Mississippi River, prepared by KDHX poetry host Ann Haubrich of Hoobellatoo and local blues veteran Art Dwyer. Not a bad list of experiences and this is just a few! For a complete list and more info visit

Proceeds from the Experiential Auction will benefit Hoobellatoo, an arts collective based in St. Louis. They will be used to fund the group’s fall release of Blind Cat Black, an eclectic CD in the genre of “poetry score” – a long poem scored as one scores a film. For more information on Hoobellatoo or the Experiential Auction, email, call (516) 314-7364 or visit

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Autor: Scott

~ 23/08/06

This just in!  Death Cab for Cutie returns to STL on Monday, November 27th. Tickets are $28 in advance and $30 day of show and go on sale at 5:00pm on August 25th.

I missed the show the last time around but heard good things. I will try not to make the same mistake twice.

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