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~ 27/10/06

Ok. So the posts from me have been a bit light this last month. I am a slacker, it is true. There has been so much been going on personally and professionally that by the time I sit on my couch, the last thing I want to do is write. But enough of my whining!!! Time for some updates!

If you missed the last RCP event at Nectar, you missed a fun time. The crowd was a bit smaller, which worked well for the space (only holds 200) and the game was on all the screens. Just to kick it up a notch, DJ Andrew worked his usual magic. How he mixes Men Without Hats and Jay Z, I will never know, but it works! Hats off to Justin and the crew at Nectar, the food was great and plentiful. Pics are up on the site so go check out what you missed!

The next RCP event will be a special one. Every November for the past 5 years, we have partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Mo to host a toy drive. RCP members usually blow the doors off this one and I anticipate that this year will be no exception, especially considering the location… drum roll… Mandarin! If you have not had a chance to check out this hot space during one of their pre-opening parties, you will be amazed. So grab some business cards and a toy and come see us!

The details: Tuesday, November 21st from 5:30 – 9:00pm @ Mandarin – 44 Maryland Plaza

But wait… There is more! October has been a busy month for young professionals and RCP and it is looking like November will be just as crazy. Besides the World Series, here are a few events that RCP is proud to be a part of:

“Connect With…” Finale Party
Friday, November 3rd, 8:00pm @ Pepper Lounge – 2005 Locust

4th Annual Cheesefest 
Saturday, November 4th, 6:00pm @ The World’s Fair Pavilion – Forest Park

Science Uncorked 
Friday, November 10th, 7:00pm @ James S. McDonnell Planetarium – Forest Park

Friday, November 10th, 7:30pm @ Packard Lofts – 2201 Locust Street

Still not enough? Go visit for more exciting events!

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So, there’s a new alternative gallery space in St. Louis (White Flag Gallery)- right along Manchester by Kingshighway, and is quickly becoming a place putting on a lot of programming. This weekend, artist Mike Schuh turns curator to put together a performance art show involving quite a group of artists.  For those who don’t quite get performance art have an opportunity to check out a variety of performances – the artists participating are quite long.  The event goes on both Friday night and Saturday afternoon – so you can just duck in, check it out, and run scared if you find it too off-putting.  But I have a feeling it will be more interesting than anything else. Here’s the info I received -


LIVE ACTION/an exhibition of interactive and performance art
Curated by Mike Schuh



This weekend White Flag Projects will inaugurate its project series of
short-term exhibitions with LIVE ACTION, two days of performance and
interactive art taking place Friday October 27 and Saturday October 28. LIVE
ACTION will feature new art by Amy Broadway, Bruce Burton, Juan William Chavez, J. Michael Deane, Eric Hall, Jason Wednesday Miller, Nosey Parker, Jason Wallace Triefenbach, Eugene Tsimmerman, B.j. Vogt, Chris Wildrick, and Brett Williams. The exhibition is curated by Mike Schuh.

LIVE ACTION will include both scheduled and ongoing performances, indoors and out, assuring that there will be something different to see every hour. Highlights promise to include the St. Louis collective Nosey Parker¹s “The Socratic Western” which will involve the artists driving a living, breathing horse & schooner into the gallery as they analyze perceptions of the Old West, and Berkeley, California artist J. Michael Deane’s “I am not the devil. The devil is on the phone. Do you want me to tell him you’re not here?”, an interactive installation comprised of repeated telephone calls from Satan to gallery-goers. Jason Wallace Triefenbach, winner of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis’ Great Rivers Biennial 2006, concludes the festivities with his latest work, DREAM WARFARE: Storming the Gates of Eden.

Also check out Sandra Marchewa’s new show “Chemical Dependents” at The Gallery at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, just a short ride from White Flag. It’s from 6-8 on Friday, and we’re from 5-9, so there’s no reason you can’t catch both.

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From Gene Wojciechowski, senior national columnist for “To the tens of baseball fans who are watching the lowest-rated World Series in history, hang in there. It’s almost over.” (more here)

There it is folks, the cold truth. What do baseball columnists care about? Ratings. Baseball (or all sports for that matter) is not about great series and games. It is no longer about acts of heroism on the field or the Cinderella stories overcoming adversity and the odds to make history.  Championships are about selling Hummers and HP notebook computers. Of course it has always been this way, ever since the arrival of the radio and TV, but now it is just brazen. At least before, the media pretended to care about the game.

I have an idea. Let’s restructure the playoffs for all major sports. No longer will it be about the best teams from two leagues battling it out to see who is the greatest. From now on, all championships should be New York vs. some team from the fly over states. Who is with me??? I am sure Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, ESPN and all the other greedy acronyms would vote for the idea.

Oh yea… “GO CARDS!!!”

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Autor: Daanesh

~ 24/10/06

After a heartwrenching game 2 I heard Detroit’s Kenny Rogers, remark, “In this cold the ball gets so hard, you can’t really get a feel…”

This reminded me of something I’ve known for years but you probably haven’t heard before: the tires on your car don’t grip as well as temperatures drop below about 45 degrees. That’s when they reach what is known to rubber engineers (no, not that kind) as the glass point – the temperature below which the rubber in the tire gets hard and slippery.

Next time you get tires, have your shop (or mine) order you an H rated ,’severe service’ certified tire which will grip more securely in low temperatures or winter conditions.

Its cheaper to pony up for tires than body panels…

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Autor: Marcia

~ 15/10/06

Just a bit of advice from Esquire Magazine for the chaps. I think socks and underwear would be a great addition as well! Make sure to let me know how many out of the list that you already own. Just nosy….or shall I say curious?

1) WHITE OXFORD BUTTON-DOWN SHIRT: The white button-down can be worn with a suit and tie, on its own with a pair of jeans, or underneath a sweater. May we suggest: Cotton button-down shirt ($40) by Izod.

2) LIGHTWEIGHT CASHMERE V-NECK SWEATER: A thin cashmere sweater can be worn every month save for August. Goes with jeans or underneath a suit jacket. May we suggest: Cashmere V-neck ($178) by Banana Republic.

3) SUNGLASSES: Obvious for their functionality (that whole sun-in-the-eyes thing), but also necessary as an accessory that adds the all-important final touch. May we suggest: Sunglasses ($174) by Persol.

4) A DARK PAIR OF JEANS: Make sure they are crisp and able to be worn with a T-shirt, button-down, or the jacket from your suit. May we suggest: Vintage “Capital E” jeans ($178) by Levi’s.

5) ONE SET OF CEDAR SHOE TREES: You need only one pair, to keep your just-worn shoes in good shape. May we suggest: Cedar shoe trees ($60) by Zegna.

6) WHITE T-SHIRTS: Sleep in them, wear them to the gym, or use them underneath a shirt or sweater. May we suggest: Cotton T-shirts ($30 for a pack of three) by Calvin Klein.

7) BLACK LACE-UPS: Clean, dressy black lace-up shoes will work with any color suit and still look at home at the foot of your jeans. May we suggest: Leather lace-up shoes ($495) by Tod’s.

8) OVERNIGHT BAG: Because a man never knows when he might have to flee at a moment’s notice, make sure it’s big enough to carry two nights’ worth of stuff. May we suggest: Taiga-leather Kendall bag ($1,510) by Louis Vuitton.

9) THREE-BUTTON NAVY SUIT: Navy is the most versatile color for a man’s suit. Extend its life by wearing it with a shirt and tie, or wear just the jacket with jeans and a button-down. May we suggest: Three-button wool suit ($1,595) by Canali.

10) MEDIUM-WIDTH TIE: If it’s too skinny or too fat, you limit the types of shirts you can wear with it. A medium width, in a neutral color and pattern, has the most versatility. May we suggest: Silk tie ($95) by Jack Spade.

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~ 12/10/06

Some people think driving with your lights on in the daytime looks silly, but when you dig a little deeper driving with them off seems downright stupid.

Every study I’ve seen lists a double digit percent reduction in accidents for cars equipped with daytime running lights, while this page from a British website lists 3-5%.
Lights on at all times isn’t about seeing, it’s about being seen, especially in low contrast times (e.g. dusk, bleak winter days) or during sunset when drivers are overcome by glare as they head west.

It only takes a moment to turn ‘em on and there are other benefits too: people are quicker to get out of your way as you come up behind them in the fast lane and the laser guns police use are literally blinded by the light (which is why you don’t see them used at night).

I’ve been driving with mine on since the mid 90s, when I found out a rental car company saw a 2000 percent drop in insurance claims after wiring their cars so the lights were on when the car was in drive. (No that’s not a typo).

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Okay so if Ms. Winfrey advised most of us to jump off of a bridge, we probably would, right? The woman is golden. Although it is incredibly annoying that whatever Oprah preaches happens to turn into a best selling item or a runaway hit. No matter what it is!   I do have to admit that the woman does have a fantastic eye for the next big thing.

I agree with the “Queen of Gab” when she chose the Susana Monaco dress as a flattering piece for all body types and a “Must Have Fall Essential.” The dress is featured in her upcoming November Oprah magazine and also InStyle and is being touted as the one dress that fits all.

The Susana Monaco dress has a 3/4 sleeve and is gathered at the bust line, it’s cut to fit and flatter all shapes and sizes, and it’s a welcome seasonal update to her famous string halter dress. Made in the USA from 86% supplex and 14% lycra, it’s machine washable and virtually wrinkle proof! Dress measures approximately 26.5″ from bust-line. It flows, it drapes, and makes the most of your curves. Um, can we say perfect?

The dress comes in a myriad of colors that include Carmel, Pine, Chianti, Smoke, Menthe, Brownie, and of course Black. For $170 you can score a dress that can take you from day to evening with much ease. Remember ladies, it’s all about shoe selection (boots? heels? flip flops even?) and accessories (scarf, earrings,lariat necklace or textured tights maybe?) that can change the feel of this transitional piece.

Go to -OR- (free shipping over $100!) to purchase. I know I did.

It’s kind of like a grown-up version of Simon Says……….. 

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~ 11/10/06

Fall Fashion for 2006 is refreshing in so many ways. Sure some oldies but goodies like animal prints and leggings have been recycled back into our overstuffed closets. Yet, the trends this year are open-minded with no limitations. Fall plays to characters of all stripes, from shadowy vamps to grandes dames.   

Darkness fell on the runways with moody, broody and ever so chic fabrics in deep black, navy and greys. Even Vera Wang’s runway collection showcased jersey knits in these slimming tones. John Galliano’s stylish models showcased a goth inspired punk vibe while Viktor & Rolf’s alluring collection made us all want to look like we graduated from Vassar with brainy elegance. I personally don’t have a ton of dark colors in my wardrobe for fear of looking hum drum or like an icy New Yorker. However these tones truly make even a tee shirt look dressier and more put together. I noticed that BCBG in Frontenac had some great tonal pieces to get you through the season. The Black Tabatha Wool Trouser($188) and the Black Josephine Skirt($128) are both great investment pieces because they will mix and match through this season and many more.

Now on the opposite end of the spectrum, one of the hottest looks right now is plaid. I am talking about in your face, Prince of Wales, window pane, tartan, and houndstooth. No flannels ladies! This trend looks incredible in bright, vivid colors like reds, yellows, greens, and the sharp contrast of black and white. They also can be worked into your daytime wardrobe (AKA the office) in tonal browns and greys. The ultra feminine evening dresses in Alexander McQueen and Ralph Lauren’s runway shows were gorgeous.The romance between a very masculine fabric into women’s evening wear is orgasmic! For a more subdued choice of color and cut, Diane Von Furstenburg and Michael Kors couldn’t have nailed it any better. You can enjoy the same look by grabbing a brown and rust colored plaid coat by Nick and Mo($145) at PLAY. Try the flirty plaid kilt in Isaac Mizrahi’s Target collection for $24.99. Bebe has a killer Houndstooth coat in black and white ($249) that is the epitomy of this trend.
Trim officer looks that include brass buttons and buckles marched down the runways by the legion and received uniform salutes. This military issued trend is so hot in all retailers right now. I especially love the officer’s jackets and coats that are cinched in at the waist with a belt to showcase your feminine curves. Dolce and Gabbana and Fendi both taunted us with knee length miltary coats in an angelic white shade. The detail work on these pieces will make you want to wear them throughout dinner. Who cares what you are wearing underneath?! Try the Mod Military Coat ($148) at the Gap or go to where the cocoa colored Military Skirt is on sale for $49!
To wrap up the trend report are some other ways to infuse some fun into your wardrobe. Try some fishnet or intricate stockings to glam up your look or if you choose to cover your gams, throw on some leggings and watch the Breakfast Club. The designers dug into the archives to pull out these body-conscious silhouettes. Puffy skirts and sleeves are very prevelent this season. Bubble skirts are sometimes hard to pull off unless you have no rear-end to speak of .So most of us (present company included!) may want to try a Dolman sleeve shirt or puff sleeved coat instead.
Information overload, maybe? Are the possibilites endless, you betcha!
Now only if I could find a designer that would make it cool to wear sweatpants and heels?
Let me know how the “bubble” look works out for you………..
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Autor: Leigh-Anne

~ 05/10/06

So I realize that St. Louis Magazine’s Fever Fashion Show was over a week and a half ago, and in the fashion world, that means it’s, like, so yesterday’s news, but I figure it’s better to blog late than never!

It’s pretty much always been a fantasy of mine to attend a runway show in the fashion capital of the U.S., however; a trip to New York Fashion Week is not really on the agenda any time soon. So hitting the St. Louis Magazine FEVER Fashion Show seemed to be the perfect warm up until I can figure out how to see the real thing.

The minute I stepped onto the ‘red carpet’ at the Renaissance Grand Ball Rooms on Washington Street, I felt an immediate buzz of excitement that is a bit atypical of downtown St. Louis. Apparently, my friends and I are the only ones familiar with the term ‘fashionably late’ as we were nearly the last people to check-in. We arrived about an hour late, and since everyone was already in ‘mid-mingle’ in the pre-party area, we had some catching up to do. After meandering through the crowd to say our hello’s, collecting our complimentary ‘Fevertini’ cocktails and soliciting a few pictures with Santino Rice of Project Runway fame (easily the highlight of the evening), my posse and I headed in to find out how ‘VIP’ our VIP table actually was…

Well, loaded with a bottle of Pearl Vodka, a sushi platter and a delicious-looking Goody Bag, it seemed the $125 Gold Ticket had already paid for itself.

The actual fashion show breezed by pretty quickly, and aside from a couple lines I didn’t care for, it was filled with looks that I would die to have hanging in my closet. From designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Missoni, the show featured all the new trends in fall hats, coats, pants, dresses and shoes. Oh and one kick-ass pair of purple velvet skinny jeans. All the clothing (available at Nordstrom’s) said “fashionable” without being too over-the-top. Which is a good thing, considering St. Louis isn’t exactly known for its fashion forwardness.

But as I looked around my first fashion show, something stood out to me more than just the runway clothes and beautiful models. Normal, everyday St. Louis women had suddenly transformed into ‘fashionistas.’ It was very apparent that everyone in attendance put the extra effort in to ensure they were dressed to kill. All the new fads were out and about…wide belts around the waist, skinny jeans, leggings, fishnet tights, hot pants…you name it, somebody was rocking the look.

What I found even more entertaining was that even the language had adapted to the chic atmosphere as well. People who never use the words “fierce” and “fabulous” were suddenly letting the trendy adjectives fly at the drop of a Fendi Fedora. I was now everyone’s ‘dahling’ and received more double cheek kisses in that night then I have in my whole life.

In a city where you often get strange looks for stepping outside the uniform of jeans, heels and a cute shirt, it certainly was refreshing to play dress up and not feel out of place for once. And since one definition for the word ‘FEVER’ is “A contagious, usually short-lived enthusiasm or craze…”, I say to St. Louis Magazine: mission accomplished. The night was definitely filled with a contagious excitement, and it was absolutely ‘fabulous’ to spend a whole evening celebrating fashion and the ‘fierce’ inner-diva in all of us.

So, I’ll see you next year. This is certainly one event that will never go out of style.

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Autor: Scott

~ 02/10/06

On Saturday, October 14th, South City Open Studio and Gallery (SCOSAG) will host its annual fund raiser Harvest for Art at nationally known artist Gail Cassilly’s home and studio in Lafayette Square. The event will benefit the South City Open Studio and Gallery for Children and Potter’s Workshop in Forest Park Southeast. Harvest for Art will showcase four SCOSAG / WALL BALL artists painting with four SCOSAG students only to have their work up for grabs at the end of the night. For more information, visit

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