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~ 29/12/06

On Jan. 20th, the Pilates and Yoga Center (nestled next to the Saint Louis’ highest point – the High Point Theatre) is having an open house from 12 til 4. Here’s an excerpt from a mailing they sent out:

*Free one-hour Pilates lessons on Pilates equipment at 1. 2 & 3pm (Call to reserve your spot)
*Free Pilates mat class 12-1pm
*Free Interval Training 1:15-2:15pm
*Free Hatha Yoga class 2:30-3:30
*Free chair massages
*Healthy refreshments

Call 314-781-5050 for more info… Namaste!

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~ 28/12/06

In 2004, the late 38th President of the United States Gerald Ford sat down with well known Washington Post, and Watergate reporter Bob Woodward for an on the record interview. The gentle statesmen former President had never gone on the record since he left office in 1977. He was an old-school republican that believed the office of the Presidency was bigger than any one man. He never commented publicly on any policy initiatives, especially if he felt that it could have undermined the Presidency. However, on this day, he opened up and told Woodward that he disagreed with the current administration on their march up and current dealing of the Iraq war. Ford called out not only George W., but also his long time friends and former top aides VP Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney and Rummy had both served for Ford as his Chief of Staff from 1974-1977. Here more about the interview.

Mr. Ford did the interview under the condition that Woodward not publish any of its contents until after his death. It is widely believed that Ford knew his comments would be an indictment of the very men that served him loyally during the very dark days of Watergate, and the last months of a very unpopular Vietnam War. What is not so widely believed is that Ford actually wanted these comments released just over 24 hours after his death. He was smart enough to know that the nation would be mourning his passing, and that the news media would be covering the topic non-stop while his burial services were being played out. It is this blogger’s opinion that a man of such class and diplomatic experience would never want his comments to distract from a national showcase of the office. He knew that Rummy and Dickey would be not only be present at this memorial, but most likely give some sort of a eulogy. He also would have known that his comments wouldn’t just be covered nationally…but it would be broadcast to our troops all across the world.

Unless President Ford had somehow changed his opinion of what the office of the President represents, and requested that his death bed confessions be part of a prime time tabloid program, Bob Woodward and the Washington Post should be ashamed of themselves. I am in no way commenting on whether we should be in Iraq. That’s another topic for another day. But I do think there comes a time when journalist should use discretion. Clearly Woodward has the ability to keep his mouth shut. However, are Ford’s comments so damning, that the liberal media must use them to attack the sitting president as if no one already knew this thing was a mess? It’s a mixed message. Elder Statesmen former President, who always does the right thing politically, blasts the administration and his former advisers. But don’t tell anyone until I’m dead? Must make the criticism more legitimate.

Here are some additional blog commentaries on the issue:



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~ 27/12/06

Ah…..I can remember a time. Not long ago. Not far away. I fantasized about really interesting boutiques and fashions shows in St.Louis. Little did I know that this Big/Little city would be well on it’s way to becoming open-minded and fashion forward. We’re getting there, and with a lot more style.

St..Louis Magazine’s Fever Fashion paved the way for a glossy, massively produced show that brought the likes of Missoni, Roberto Cavalli and Tracy Reese, just like a New York Fashion Week fete. Then the Sexy and Successful darlings Alive executed the very Miami-esque Liquid Style which showcased local boutiques very best. Pronto brought an urban flair that flaunted independent designers like Michael Tomlinson and Kara Janx who just happened to be Project Runway alumni. Um Holla! There are many more that are smaller in scale, held by some of our local boutiques in hotspots like Copia, Pepper Lounge, etc. Cureiosity was well appointed at the Packard Lofts with a photo shoot vibe as the chic “voyeurs” looked on in lust and “curiosity”.

I am here to report a new show that will feature designers (Kara Janx makes an appearance again) presenting their respective garments. As you all may know by now, I get very warm and fuzzy when fashion lends a hand to a non-profit organization. In this case, Forbidden Fashion will benefit BUILD St.Louis (

See below and visit the The Time Boutique in the dee-light-ful Maplewood neighborhood to purchase tix or to pick up the FAB Fairyesque “Russian Princess Dress”. YUMMY. The Time is located at 7298 Manchester Road,, or call (314)644-2055.


Seductive femmes fatales strut the catwalk at The Time’s Forbidden Fashion show on Jan. 19, 2007. Decked in the hottest styles from break-out designers in New York , Chicago and Montreal , burlesque divas will sashay down the red carpet to swingin’ DJ beats that will entertain during and between both runway shows.
Guests will enter the cell blocks at 7pm at Mad Art Gallery , located at 2727 S. 12th Street , dressed in their most fab pulp-glam attire. The ladies will welcome the crowd with a cell-ish spectacle, while goods are sold across the way in The Time boutique’s shop blocks.   

Forbidden Fashion is the hippest preview for sassy Saint Louis ladies wanting to vamp their spring wardrobe. Kara Janx, made world-famous in Project Runway’s Season II, will be in-house as one of the feature designers of the night. Also expect to see the designers and designs of Sweet Soul, Kitchen Orange, OK47, Fairyesque, Denim in Virtue, Dish Jeans, Dolan and a new Spanish line, Skunk Funk.

Forbidden Fashion will benefit BUILD St. Louis, a non-profit coalition of St. Louis-area business owners, residents and community development organizations that supports locally owned independent businesses. Choice of one complimentary cocktail from Schlafly or The Royale will start the party with Mad Art providing a full cash bar the remainder of the soiree. Savory hors d’oeuvres top the evening menu from Forbidden Fashion sponsors – Monarch Restaurant, Cunetto House of Pasta, and Seasoning’s Catering.

Tickets cost $65 for VIP table seating, $55 for a seat, and $45 for standing room. Quantities are limited, so grab them while you can.


Forbidden Fashion VIP Table Seat - Click Image to Close


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This year, RCP is taking over the Pepper Lounge to help ring in the New Year, featuring DJ Big D, St. Louis’ premiere DJ! The evening comes complete with open bar until 3am, appetizers until 11pm. For more info or to purchase tickets, visit

   NYE Pepper

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~ 23/12/06

I will warn you that this blog is a very serious piece and I hope that you take the time to read it. Fashion at it’s ugliest.

See this article below from the Post Dispatch and then check out the link below that.

Macy’s pulls Sean John hooded jackets amid complaints they were made with dog fur
By Anne D’innocenzio
NEW YORK (AP) — Macy’s has pulled from its shelves and its Web site two styles of Sean John hooded jackets, originally advertised as featuring faux fur, after an investigation by the nation’s largest animal protection organization concluded that the garments were actually made from a certain species of dog called “raccoon dog.”            

“First these jackets were falsely advertised as faux fur, and then it turned out that the fur came from a type of dog,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States.

Pacelle added that the issue is an “industry-wide problem” and its investigation demonstrated that retailers and designers “aren’t paying close enough attention to the fur trim they are selling.” He added that the issue is especially problematic when “the fur is sourced from China where domestic dogs and cats and raccoon dogs are killed in gruesome ways.”

Raccoon dogs — which are not domestic animals — are indigenous to Asia, including eastern Siberia and Japan, and have been raised in large numbers because their fur closely resembles raccoon, Pacelle said.

Orlando Veras, a spokesman at Macy’s, a division of Federated Department Stores Inc., confirmed Friday that the retailer had removed the jackets, releasing a statement saying that it has a “long-standing policy against the selling of any dog or cat fur.” He continued, “This policy is clearly communicated to all suppliers.”

The Sean John jackets — one a snorkel style, the other a classic version — had been labeled “raccoon fur,” but were advertised as faux fur, Pacelle said.

In a statement by Sean “Diddy” Combs released by his publicist Hampton Carney, the designer said: “I was completely unaware of the nature of this material, but as soon as we were alerted, the garments were pulled off the Macy’s floor and Web site. I have instructed our outerwear licensee to cease the production of any garments using this material immediately.”

Macy’s removal of the coats comes on the heels of other tests conducted by the Humane Society of the United States on a range of fur-trimmed jackets from retailers such as Burlington Coat Factory, Bloomingdale’s, J.C. Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as from designers and clothing lines such as Baby Phat, Andrew Marc, MaxMara and Calvin Klein. Those tests revealed that most of the jackets labeled as “raccoon” or coyote” from China in fact contained fur from raccoon dogs.

Of the 10 garments tested by the Humane Society, nine tested positive as raccoon dog fur and were mislabeled, a violation of federal law.

The Humane Society is also calling upon Congress to amend the Dog and Cat Protection Act — which bans the sale of dog or cat fur in the United States — to include raccoon dog, since the organization says these dogs are so “inhumanely” killed and their species are similar to domesticated dogs.


Okay, now that you have read that. Go to
You will see the graphic and horrible cruelty that is bestowed upon these innocent creatures.To think they are murdered for some whack Sean John coat that would just be discounted in this department store if nobody would have caught this. I love fashion more than most of you would ever imagine, but the murder of innocent creatures is and will never be okay in my book. You will never catch me in fur, and now I also realize that “artificial” fur can be just as deadly.
Check out to further educate yourself and get involved in protecting the creatures of the world.
Thank you for your time.
Marcia & Chico
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~ 21/12/06

Monday night was extraordinary! (I have never used that word before!). Masulla has definitely arrived to Washington Avenue. Over 150 guests were there to preview new merchandise to be featured in Marcia Masulla’s new boutique. We also got to taste the ‘Masulla Martini’.  Lucas Park Grille was filled with press, fashionistas, models, Rams players, designers and local who’s who of St. Louis. Thanks to Lucas Park Grille, Raymond Creative, Kate Allen, the fabulous models, Alive Magazine, Cloud 9 Fitness and of course Marcia Masulla for giving us an incredible shopping experience.

Masulla opens January 2007 on Washington Ave.

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At his noon time press conference yesterday (Wednesday December 20th, 2006), President Bush was asked what lessons he has learned after five years of war.  Here is his response:

“It is important for us to be successful going forward is to analyze that which went wrong, and clearly, one aspect of this war that has not gone right is the sectarian violence inside Baghdad.”


Excuse Mr. President, the question wasn’t what has gone wrong (we know that all too well).  The question was what have you learned?

If you take the answer as stated, you must also know that not only had the State Department, CIA and just about every other  Middle Eastern scholar noted the lack of love between the Shia and Sunnis before and several times since the war began.  They’ve clearly not done well with each other for quite some time.  Furthermore, the majority of sectarian violence is coming from OUTSIDE of Baghdad.  I just hate it when Georgy forgets to do his homework assignments.  But then again- George Won’t Be Reading This

The worst part of watching a Bush press conference is that it strikingly similar to watching a train wreck.  You know its coming, and you know its going to be ugly..but you watch nonetheless hoping for a different outcome.  It never happens.  There are times when I want him to just break down on the podium and cry himself  back into the minds and hearts of the American public.  I want to hear the words “I’m sorry…I tend not listen to anyone but myself and God”.  Any minute I’m expecting Barbara Bush to walk into the room and give her very confused son a much needed hug.

Aside from parental support, the Prez has a host of new handlers that surround him including a new chief of staff, defense secretary, press secretary and political director.  However, no one appears to be able to convince the Commander in Chief that it’s ok to admit lessons learned.   It’s a engaging trait actually..second probably only to learning how to speak in complete sentences.

Our friends at the Daily Show caught some other tidbits from the presser and capsulated it much funnier than I can.  A Winning Statement.

Nobody really expects the leader of the free world to change on a dime.  However, it would be nice to see some improvement in the area of self righteousness.  Lets start by just answering the question.

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~ 17/12/06

It’s time to pull out the old college sweatshirt.

It’s the holiday season, yes, but in December another season begins – college football bowl season. And college basketball heats up. So for the college sports addict, Chicago is a perfect weekend destination.
Chicago attracts thousands of newly minted college graduates each summer, most from Big Ten schools and other Midwestern Division I universities. Add to that the number of people who return from East and West Coast schools, to settle into the city. They move into Lakeview (Wrigleyville) and Lincoln Park and don’t leave (until they get married and then they move to Naperville.)

Why does this matter? Well, bars (sports, Irish, Irish-wannabee, etc.) across Chicago pledge allegiance to college teams in a fashion like I have never seen in any other city. Picture your college bar in your college town plunked down right in the middle of the city – it’s almost that authentic.

The Wall Street Journal covered this in an article a month ago.

A tour of these college-themed bars is a must. The rivalry between teams, the crowds and the camaraderie when your team is playing any game are unmatched in any other sports bar in any other city. Even if there is not a game on, you are sure to enter into a long conversation with some alumnus from your alma mater. Or you may find photos of your favorite college hangouts posted on the exposed brick walls of these bars (Purdue garb is all over Durkin’s).

Here are details: Continue reading “Chicago for college sports fans” »

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~ 15/12/06

I debated. Well for a semi-second…

It is with great (long awaited) pleasure that I invite you to my boutique’s “Preview Party.”

(AKA- Construction is still not completed and I need your continued support and some sales to keep Chico’s bowl of organic chihuahua food filled.) Mama always said that honesty and humility is the best policy!

Masulla Boutique will introduce signature lines to you before the January 2007 opening for your viewing pleasure and purchasing privelege. Cash/Check only. 

The party is on Monday December 18th from 6-8pm at the Lucas Park Grille.

(My store will be right across the street-please disregard the wood, weird looking tools, and dust. There really is a store somewhere in all of that mess)

Hors Doeuvres and non-alcoholic potables will be on hand…..and Lucas Park Grille will introduce the “Masulla Martini” at this event.

(Okay, I have to interject here….how flippin excited am I?? A “drank” named after yours truly…..screw fashion! Give me a martini! No dirty martini jokes either guys…..I’ve heard that it is quite yummy and at $5…..reasonably priced, thank you very much!)

I have always been honest (um can we say no filter?) with all of you my dearies….and I have to admit that I am devastatingly nervous. I mean it. The anxiety of caring about something so much and the pressure to make it INCREDIBLE is a lot of weight to carry. It is such an intoxicating feeling to want the “world” to love what you do/produce as much as you do. Reality is, not everyone will like the store or myself for that matter. I just need to understand this and make the people who do, satisfied clients. Vulnerabilty is something that most of us struggle with but it is a side of myself that does not come out very often….and when it does……..

Thank god I have the support of my “real” chums (you know who you are), Chico and a couple of bottles of a 98 Trinchero to get me through this.

I hope to see you there……..even if I am dry heaving in the ladies room.

Did I mention that this AMAZING (such a fashionista word, I know) line called Sofada will be featured?

Sofada(it means ”naughty” in Portugeuse) is designed by Alice Dobson and was voted the “Best Debut Designer at Fashion Week.” Check out for more information and to salivate.

Bring your shopping game face on Monday!




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~ 14/12/06

Money is tight right now, right? Christmas gifts for loved ones, out-of-town trips, and the money set aside for lots of booze so we can welcome the New Year in the bathroom again, costs a lot. But maybe we should all consider saving ourselves the headache from the 8th atrocious New Year’s Eve specialty shot, and shoot that dollar over to a good cause.   The good people at Observable Books, local producers and organizers of poetry, are asking for a dollar for the holidays.  I, myself gave $10, but I like poetry. Even if you don’t, consider throwing a dollar their way anyway – it’ll do you good.

A message from the group (and go here to make your donation):  The Observable Holidays It’s that time again… to don gay apparel (a different kind of gay apparel than we usually don, that is), sing festive songs, and give Observable Readings a dollar or two in support of its $500 holiday fund drive. As of 2:00 PM on 12/13/06, we’re $390 of the way there!! Before we ask for your buck, though, let us revisit one of the most traditional of Christmas values: karma. According to the karma principle, the universe is a closed system, and one gets what one gives. Now you know why the men from the East were considered wise. They didn’t need no stinkin’ matching grant!

“Yes, but, kind sirs, what will happen to my buck?” you ask. Good question. We’ll spend it on publicizing, advertising, and otherwise funding free poetry events. We’ll use it to make a strong independent poetry series even stronger, by bringing in some of the best out-of-town poets that we can find, pairing them with poets from around here, and making sure St. Louisans know all about it. We’ll also continue publishing little books of poems and just generally bringing our own peculiar joie de vivre to the local scene. So: PayPal us a buck (or more), and we’ll also put your name and website link on the list of Holiday Helpers below (unless you say otherwise). 

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