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~ 29/01/07

If I could plan your social calendar… it would be bizarre, that goes without saying. But I guarantee that you would have a very eclectic, enjoyable evening filled with extremes, delights, libations, and great company. Intrigued? Give it a try this Thursday.

Try to keep up.
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Autor: Leigh-Anne

~ 28/01/07

About a year or so ago, I can remember one particular morning when I was still working at my old job. It was freezing. It was 7:55 am. I was due to work by 8:00 am.

Knowing it would make me 20 minutes late, I still made the executive decision to find coffee. Not wanting to fight the 15 minute wait at the Soulard Coffee Garden, I decided a Grande Nonfat BP Special would have to suffice. While putting on the plastic lid that never quite fits right, I turned and ran smack into a homeless man making his way to the counter with a tallboy of Colt 45. I spilled my coffee all down my cream colored sweater.

It was now 8:06 am. And I was hating life.

After waiting for Colt 45 to count out his change and pay for his ‘breakfast,’ I slapped down my $.95 and headed toward the door. As I was exiting, Jeff Small, local reporter for News Channel 5, was entering. He was decked out in a dashing pinstriped suit and shiny shoes. I had no make-up on and 95 cent coffee all over me. Continue reading “It's a 'SMALL' World After All…” »

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~ 27/01/07

…and food!  and networking!  and a silent auction!  and a good cause!

Why not start early on the list of Best Parties of 2007?  Opera Theatre’s Wine and Beer Tasting on Friday, Feb. 9 will be one of the classiest events of the year, and it really offers something for everyone.  Personally, I’m a big fan of wine.  Notice I said “fan,” not “expert” – I’ll confess I usually get my kicks from a $5 bottle with a fun-looking label – but that’s all the more reason I’m looking forward to sampling the high-end stuff from places like Niche and Busch’s Grove.  The beer list looks pretty intriguing, too, with brewing experts explaining choices like Goose Island, Grolsch, Red Hook, and organics.  If you don’t want to choose, try some of everything and we’ll clink glasses for a two-fisted toast.  Monarch, Vin de Set, and other St. Louis Originals restaurants will be there with upscale food to assist any guests who come down with a case of the munchies.

You’ll be in good company with some of the most successful movers and shakers in town, plus you’ll be among the first to see Opera Theatre’s new state-of-the-art rehearsal spaces.  It’s $75 but it’s for a good time and a great cause.  Hope to see you there…


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Autor: Dwight

~ 25/01/07

Celebrate the opening of after, a new upscale 24-hour diner in the
heart of the Grove, with Stoli and ALIVE. 

The party starts February 1st at 8pm. Stop by after to pick up your
Stoli “Grove-tini” card and enjoy a night in the Grove at any of the 7
participating establishments. Including, AMP, Atomic Cowboy, Attitudes,
Churchkey, Freddies, Novak’s and rBar.

Check out more details at

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Autor: Jennifer

Everyone needs a little Warhol in their life, and I’m not talking about sitting at home to a bowl of lukewarm Campbell soup and a stale grilled cheese. The Contemporary has incredible art hanging on its walls and the doors open tomorrow night.  Considering that some of these works are Warhols, never before seen publicly – and returning to the Warhol vaults after the show is gone – this is your chance to be a part of history, and have quite the time at it.

Hot NY Artist Jim Hodges is also joining the soiree tomorrow night with loads of art fans flying in from London, New York, well, all over the place. So, put your sassy little heels on (see Masulla for Contemporary fashion advice) and head over to the Contemporary for their Opening Night this Friday (January 26) from 7 - 9pm.  Incredible art. Big party. Perfect opportunity for the kind of trouble you love to remember.  (oh, and free admission and complimentary valet. Why in the world wouldn’t you go?).  

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Autor: Dwight

~ 23/01/07

This Friday at John P. Fields, Rock Uniform presents Steve Ewing from 10p – 1a! For sounds, directions and info check out

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HANG THE DJ returns to Brennan’s!
Cheresse Pentella, the Queen of Buzzz, along with Ryan Gibbons, the King of Beats, will dominate the turntables with their favorite music!  “Hang The DJ” is a wild, impromptu-to jam session that features St. Louis “Celebrity Guest DJ’s” as they bring their own records, tapes, CD’s and iPod’s to Brennan’s Maryland House. 

You will hear a mash-up of Cheresse & Ryan’s favorite dance tunes, slow jams and classic rockin’ diddys.

Join Cheresse as she shakes her ass (with Ryan watching, I’m sure :-)  to an audio adventure that will last a lifetime, er, at least a few hours.

Here are the details:

Monday, January 29
Brennan’s (Upstairs)
4659 Maryland Ave, St Louis, 63108 – (314) 361-9444

See you there!

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Autor: Daanesh

Please note that I’ve made a correction to an earlier post – apparently the original shop I mentioned has been inconsistent in honoring their pledge to give discounts. I’ll update you all as I find locations other than Costco to have this done – the benefits of nitrogen filling are many and it more than pays for itself.

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Autor: Dwight

~ 21/01/07

Metropolis presents – Meet rBar: How a group of young adults opened a bar in the city

What: A group of college and long-time friends reveal how they turned a seemingly far-fetched idea into a reality, what it was like to open a new business within the city and the vision they have for rBar and the entertainment district, The Grove, located in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.

Happy Hour and networking from 7 to 8 p.m. A discussion and question/answer session follows from 8 to 9 p.m. Beer and martini specials throughout the evening.

WHEN: 7 to 9 p.m., Monday, Jan. 22

WHERE: rBar, 4054 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis
For more information, send an e-mail to  
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Autor: Scott

There are many important numbers in life; milestone ages, take home pay, bills, important dates, that number you got at the bar last night… All have an impact on our lives and decisions we make. Recently, another important number has come to my attention, 500. This number rises to the top because it has the ability to impact not only our individual lives, but has the ability to send a positive ripple throughout our community. 500 is the number of kids currently on the waiting list for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

500. This is not a big number in comparison to others, but it is huge to each and every one of those kids. The relationship that is formed by mentoring has power. It can be the difference between a child becoming another statistic or realizing their true wonderful potential. It has the power to spread a positive energy throughout the community, to their family, friends and classmates. It has the power to impact you, giving you purpose and a different outlook on our whole community.

This Thursday, as part of National Mentor Month, RCP teams up with ALIVE Magazine and Mandarin Lounge to say thank you to all the wonderful young professionals who have made the commitment to become Bigs or who have volunteered their efforts to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri. I urge you to come out and learn about this amazing organization and the opportunities that exist to offer your support. Even if you can not become a Big, there are many, many opportunities to volunteer. As an added bonus, this will be a hot party with some of the most motivated, socially conscious young professionals in St. Louis! How can you say no?

The Details:

Big “Thank You” Happy Hour
Thursday, January 25th, 6pm
Mandarin – 44 Maryland Plaza
Free Admission & Drink Specials


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