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~ 28/02/07

This just in from local gossip maven, Deb Peterson:

TRY THE SPELLCHECKER: A group calling itself “Citizens Opposed to State Takeover” is proposing a protest Friday at noon in the St. Louis City Hall Rotunda. Their flier for the protest has the words governor and school misspelled. Their spelling? “govenor” and “scool.”

Oh my… Let the state takeover begin…

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Autor: Marcia

So now that I wrote the longest title to a blog ever….

I have to say that I am a little amped to head to this event because 1) I heart burlesque. 2) I heart r Bar 3) The $5 cover will benefit Venus Envy….which guess what? Yup. I heart them too. No wonder, my chihuahua has no idea who his father is anymore.

Venus Envy has a rockin Mission Statement:
Venus Envy is an organization driven by women which positively affects everyone by empowering women through the arts.


The Albino Alley Cats are a burlesque troop that call Rue 13 (Hello neighbor!) their home.

These hot mamas perform scantilly clad burlesque,vaudeville, and hip hop performances. These kitties can get down! The girls will have two performances that night at 7pm and 8:30. If that doesn’t tempt you, maybe the “interactive” art that will be featured on the walls of the r will? 

Better yet, Mr. Xavier Menard will be in the house with his crew from Salon Prive to help you express your feline side with “Mini Kitty Makeovers”. Oh yea, I heart Salon Prive too-they always make me look my very best, except when I attempt to do my own hair, and well that’s another story.

**RSVP to -OR- call (314)863-6425 by March 6th.**

Now go do your homework, go to to learn more info on how to get involved, upcoming events, or to make a contribution.

FYI: They have their 9th annual art exhibition on April 13th & 14th in the Locust Business District at 3001 & 3006 Locust.


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~ 27/02/07

Ok. If you didn’t make the RCP event at Lucas Park Grille on the 20th, here is what you missed:

- Great sounds from DJ Mano
- A 20% off coupon to Masulla
- A room full of fantastic people
- A cheese tray the size of a small planet
- Stimulating conversation from me (at least until 8… then I started slurring)

Don’t take my word for it, just check out the pictures here to see for yourself! But if you did miss it, be sure to make a trip down to see Masulla. You will not be disappointed.

Now for March… RCP is visiting the up and coming Grove neighborhood to a new favorite, rBar, in partnership with the National Children’s Cancer Society.  The rumor is that there will be a Cardinals pep rally theme, complete with baseball fare and beer in a big plastic cup. Who can say no to beer in a big plastic cup? In addition, the Cards have offered some merchandise to raffle off that night to benefit NCCS. So come on out and cheer on the Cards 2007 season as well as learn about a great cause!

Lastly, we are still taking our survey to find out more about you and ways to improve our events. Please let us know your thoughts!

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 23/02/07

The Contemporary recentlly collected a whole lot of books from its guests with the intention of sending them down to New Orleans to help their starved libraries. Then they find out that New Orleans has lots of books – too many, in fact, to process.  Sticking as closely to original intentions as possible, the Contemporary now offering the books for sale. All proceeds go to the New Orleans Library Rebuilding Campaign.  Now, I’m not promising the best selection. I’ve scanned the books twice and have already purchased around 20 books. That’s 20 books that you can no longer have.  However, there’s hundreds of other books that I left there for you. Some of which you might find interesting. Now, if you’re like me you already have a pretty long reading list, but don’t let that discourage you from browsing. It’s better to pay $2 for a used book you’ll never read than a new one from a big chain that costs $15.  See, you’re saving $13.

Book sales goes on today (until 5pm) and tomorrow (10am-4pm).

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, 3750 Washington, 63108

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Autor: Dave

I’ve always considered myself to be a prompt person. In fact, I hate being late, so I usually show up to stuff early. Over the last year or so though I’ve found that I’m allowing myself to be later and later, if for no other reason that I’ve noticed no one else is on time. When I would show up at an event or appointment on time, I was usually one of the first or only one there. I would wait and wonder if I got the starting time wrong. I’d check my Blackberry, confirm I was correct, maybe make a call or two, and then think about all the things I could be doing during this down time. All the while realizing, that if I had just shown up late…I’d probably be right on time.

When I was coming up with the concept of the Shriners Hospital fundraiser ‘Back to the Cause’, I guess it was just a natural then that I would want to throw a “Pre”-party. Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “Pre” as: earlier than : prior to : before preparatory or in advance : beforehand. Geeks like me like to look that stuff up. Besides being a great way to get everyone excited about the big event on March 3rd at the City Museum, it would give my inner-self an endorsement that being early is ok. So stop by the Back to the Cause Pre-Party at rBar on Tuesday the 27th from 7p-10p. Help the children of Shriners, while helping Dave deal with accepting his OCD self.

BTTC PreParty

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Autor: Marcia

~ 22/02/07

Okay, so Laurie Solet was reading my mind…..was just thinkin how I needed to do some retail therapy and abusing my plastic sounded like fun. Solet is having a sale on her inventory of shoes. So cute. So within grasp.

Subliminal message “Buy Me.” “Buy Me NOW!”

8228 N Forsyth Blvd….as if you don’t know. You “ain’t” foolin nobody!

P.S. I am really diggin the Oh Deer teal “Judy” peeptoe-a steal at $82 (marked down from $110)…..ah! Or the black Ted Baker boots ($150-marked down from $299)……..swoon!

 Ta ta for now.

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~ 19/02/07

I knew this day would come.  It’s the day that XM and Sirius satellite radio services merged to become one.  I’ve been a satellite radio junkie for years now and own stock in both companies.  But now that it’s happened.  I have questions:

Exactly who controls my satellite?

Will this affect the Internets?

Can I get a refund on the XM Radio T-Shirt I bought a couple of years back?

and most importantly…

How does Oprah feel about this?

As you can tell, this is an important day in my life.  I’ll get the scoop and get back to you…

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Autor: Marcia

~ 17/02/07

1 I am sure that most of us can remember that moralistic childhood storybook with the repetitive yet catchy phrase, ” I think I can. I think I can, I think I can.”

 I can even reflect back when my kindergarten teacher held up the book so that we could all gaze at the little blue engine train make it over that massive mountain.  If you recall, there were many larger engines that were asked to pull the large train but none of them stepped up to the challenge and refused. The little blue “underdog” was the only one willing to take on the risk and even though there were moments throughout that he doubted himself, the little fella conquered in the end…..with a little help and guidance from his friends. Some critics contend that this story is a metaphor for the “American Dream”

 I can tell you that as I am sitting in my cozy NEWLY OPENED boutique (thank you very much), that I have thought about the message of the children’s tale several times throughout the YEAR long process of chasing my dream. In the early conceptual stages, I was looking at the project with rose colored glasses. Don’t get me wrong. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but I also didn’t realize that it was going to be this hard either. Continue reading “The Little Boutique That Could” »

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Autor: Dave

~ 14/02/07

I received one of the best Valentines gifts EVAR this week! My wonderful and very cool girlfriend told me she did not want me to get her anything for Valentines Day. Yes, that’s right…nothing. We were in middle of a conversation about what to do, or where to go on this oh-so romantic evening, when she must have picked up on my lack of enthusiasm for this commercially driven day. You see I for the most part loathe Valentines, Christmas and Birthday celebrations. Not that I mind doing something nice for those that I care about, or even buying gifts that they may want or need. I just hate being told that I have to do it on a specific day to “show my love”. Random acts of kindness rule in my world. I love the feeling of surprise, or the expression on a face when they see that someone was thinking of them at a time they did not expect. That’s my version of romantic. But I realize I’m a guy..I could be wrong.

I also realize that there are plenty of singles out there that are looking for their true love, or soul mate. Heck, some are just looking for a little Valentines Day hook-up, nothing wrong with that at all. I’m just one for spontaneity. And the fact that my partner has given me the opportunity to express my love in a way that is not driven by society or the marketing department at Hallmark…I think I’ll take it! By the way, I am still taking her to a nice dinner at Five tonight. Probably followed by a visit to rBar for a night cap. Yes, I even got her a very nice gift. I’m just not going it to her until 12:01am February 15th.

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~ 13/02/07

Sixteen to eighteen year olds are statistically more likely to die in car accidents than all the other ages combined, so I’m always horrified when families hand down cars with questionable crash safety, failing shock absobers, wiper blades and brakes, cheap tires and no stability control.

So when possible, I volunteer to teach skid control techniques at the Street Survival School held just 5 minutes from downtown. If you know a teen that drives or anyone who is intimidated by today’s weather*, please spread the word about this event – at the beginning of the day there are flattened cones everywhere, by the end of the day you’ll be amazed at what these kids can get their jalopies to do…

* Registration limited to 30 drivers – preference will be given to teens.

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