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~ 30/06/07

No funny sarcasm or witty banter here.

I am sad to report that iconic fashion legend Liz Claiborne,78, has died of abdominal cancer, a condition that she had been battling for 10 years. Claiborne’s mark as a fashion pioneer was due to her stylish, colorful, and affordable sportwear for the growing “Working Women” population in the Seventies and Eighties.

Check out the full story here


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Autor: Daanesh

~ 28/06/07

…for one of the most highly anticipated devices ever created: Apple’s iPhone.

You can see why here.

(I’m going to try to hold out ’til they add GPS pintpointing and delete the ‘AT&T only’ and ‘sorry, no insurance’ policies).

UPDATE: Almost 24 hours since the iPhone’s release and many are waking up wondering what all the hooplah was about. In terms of the many who waited in line overnight that is… One of my coworkers camped out for 36 hours in San Francisco to be among the first 25 in line only to have another’s wife stand in line from 5:30 til 7:00 before walking out with one.

Now that I’ve had the chance to use it, it’s no less impressive. The network is fast enough for browsing comfortably (although YouTube videos take quite awhile). The user interface is incredibly intuitive but i wish the thing could be oriented horizontally for functions other than videos and web browsing… And speaking of video, there is no video camera – a shame given other cameras with far less than 4GB-8GB of memory have included one for ages.

Anyone else who has used it care to comment?

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Autor: Scott

According to the Post, the Metropolitan Square Building is for sale! So while you are enjoying the fireworks from the 42nd floor on Tuesday night, you can check out if it is a good fit for your real estate empire! Or just drink and dance… Your choice!

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Autor: Katie

~ 27/06/07

In an earlier post, I wrote about an event that I was chickening out of.  Yes, it was kind of superficial but when you work hard for something, you have to admit that a small part of you enjoys the recognition of a job well done.

This past weekend I participated in a fitness competition.  Don’t get it confused for a model search or a bikini contest.  The girls in this show aren’t necessarily super skinny.  There is supposed to be some athletic tone.  I came in second and I have to say I think I may be a little bit addicted.  After I walked off stage, I immediately started to wonder what I could’ve done differently and realized that this could be the beginning to another obsession or a good end to an experience that now I can say I’ve had. 

For most, this becomes a life long obsession and in my point of view, I’m not sure it’s the most well balanced.  I enjoy the way I feel and the gratification of competing but I also enjoy going to rBar and having a drink.  I enjoy going out to dinner and ordering dessert.  I’m doing another show this weekend and SMALL part of me hopes that I don’t place well so that maybe I can close the book on this chapter, the larger part knows that if I do decently and qualify, this could be a long DRY summer.  :)

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Autor: Scott

What is hotter than watching Independence Day fireworks in downtown St. Louis? Watching them from the air conditioned comfort of the 42nd floor of the Metropolitan Square Building, complete with cash bar and musical entertainment of DJ Big D! You heard correctly folks. Join Synergy, Solique Productions and RCP and view the Fair St. Louis Fireworks from a unique perspective, the top of the tallest building in the city. No crowds, no long lines to the porta potties and beer vendors, and most importantly, no July heat!

The details:
Top of the Met Party
Tuesday, July 3rd, 7:30pm – 11:30pm
Metropolitan Square Building, 1 Metropolitan Square, 42nd Floor
Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. Cash bar available.  Space is limited so order fast at

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Autor: Leigh-Anne

~ 26/06/07

So, somehow I managed to miss every single bite of food at the Saucy Soiree last night. I mean, really…how does one do that? Let’s just say that there was a wine glass and three tables full of free wine that may have distracted me for a while. By the time I snapped up out of my fermented grape haze, all that was left on the many tables at Moulin were empty trays and a few measly cupcakes. My tummy was disappointed, to say the least.

Nonetheless, I headed upstairs to Vin De Set for a nightcap…or three…and then suddenly found myself pretty tipsy. After embarking on an unsuccessful search for food at The Royale, a few friends and I headed to Upstairs Lounge to end the night with some dancing. By the time 2am rolled around, we were famished and Courtesy Diner seemed like the obvious option.

So after unexpectedly scarfing down a double cheeseburger and fries last night, instead of gourmet cuisine from some of St. Louis’ finest, award-winning dining establishments at the Sauce Magazine event, I am in the mood for some GOOD nosh tonight (no offense Courtesy).

Luckily, tonight (June 26th) is the Dining*4*Kids event to benefit Children’s Hospital. The event, with honorary chair Vickie Newton of KMOV, features 63 local restaurants that will donate a minimum of 20% of your total bill to benefit programs and services at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

I can’t think of a better reason to head out tonight and enjoy some good eats. However, in the interest of avoiding local greasy spoons, I think I will steer clear of the wine.

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Autor: Marcia

~ 21/06/07


I can vouch that it has been QUITE SOME TIME since I have seen either one. This could explain my grumpiness as of late. Although the thought of a scantily clad man a’ la the Marky Mark (don’t forget the Funky Bunch) Calvin Klein ads from the early 90′s has crossed my mind a time or deux. I think after I post this, I may go for a long run and then take an icy shower. Welcome to the drought of 2007 AKA “My World”. Continue reading “BOXERS or Briefs?” »

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Autor: Katie

So if you were at the RCP event Tuesday night and we got a chance to meet, I may or may not have told you about my weekend plans.  For the past few months, I’ve been training extra hard and watching what I eat a little more closely in order to compete in a competition that has now arrived.  What is this competition you ask?  No, it’s not a 5k or a triathlon, no it’s not amateur night on the eastside however, if you look at the shoes, you may think otherwise. 

It’s a fitness competition.  It’s not bodybuilding per se but it is in the same realm.  Basically, you get up in front of hundreds of people in a swimsuit that’s cut in very particular ways and the judges will rate you against the girl standing next to you.  Obviously the winner is whose body looks the most athletic and fit. 

Now at 27, my priorities are a little different and while I enjoy being in shape, I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to get up in front of hundreds of people and show it off.  Maybe when I was younger I could’ve done it but now it seems sort of petty.  Yet I’ve paid the registration fee, gotten the stripper shoes and swimsuits so I’m doing it but I’m nervous to say the least. 

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Either way, at the next RCP event, you can be sure I’m going to be ordering a beverage to share with you!!

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Autor: Dave

~ 20/06/07

Yeah, I know its not Friday. I’m all messed up with brain overload this week, so I thought I’d just jot some thoughts down and see if it makes me feel better. I think one of the things that is messing with me is the knowledge that the “Lord of the Rings” musical is failing miserably in its London debut. I had no idea that LOTR had been turned into a musical. Secondly, I had no idea that people would want to watch such a thing. Can we just find some creativity of our own these days without butchering the classics?

Continue reading “Under Construction Wednesday?” »

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Autor: Scott

For anyone that knows me (or has seen me) knows that I love to eat! Nothing better to me than cooking dinner for friends or heading out on the town for an evening exploring all the amazing independent St. Louis restaurants sprinkled throughout various neighborhoods. My trusty guide throughout my dining adventures has been Sauce Magazine. Their link has been a staple on my favorites list for 5 years and gets a visit almost every day.

Now if you are curious as to what the best places are, come out Monday evening (6/25) to Moulin & Vin De Set (2017 Chouteau) for A Saucy Soiree and get a preview of the winners on the 2007 Readers Choice polls from Sauce Magazine featuring the best chefs, wineries and caterers in the Saint Louis area! The event will feature signature appetizers, cocktails, wine tastings and Schlafly beer. Then while you nibble and nosh, enjoy musical entertainment provided by Meancatmonday, J Love & The Magic Tree, and The Brian Sullivan Quartet.  All for $10! For more info, visit See you there!

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