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~ 26/07/07

Just a reminder to stop by the Blu CitySpaces tonight to celebrate the 1st Birthday of No cake and ice cream, but plenty of free beer and apps, entertainment and a chance to win some very cool prizes!

I know there is a lot going on around town tonight, so if you can’t make it before 9pm, just head straight to rBar for the afterparty and a nightcap!

Hope to see you tonight!

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…..two of my very favorite things.

Ok, not really. And an unlikely pair, to say the least. However, one positive side-effect of the looming I-64/40 construction is that by filling out a short survey on the subject, you can win a $500 gift card to the St. Louis Galleria.

Click here to share your thoughts and enter to win.

I happen to be lucky enough that I don’t ever really have to get onto the highway if I don’t feel like it. So while I am still going to fill out the survey, I hope the shopping spree goes to someone who will have to deal with the hardhat mayhem every day. At least that way he or she can veer off for some retail therapy if the going gets too tough…

Is it 2009 yet?

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Autor: Dave

~ 25/07/07

It’s good to know that we have moved Presidential politics to the ‘next level’ with the recent CNN/YouTube Debates held in South Carolina.  The highly hyped experiment in user-generated content worked. In the privacy of their homes, people were at ease, and their videos reflected that. So what that the whimsical videos were not good: A talking snowman, two rednecks, and a heavy-metal ditty about ‘No Child Left Behind’ were awful in that special embarrassing way usually reserved for parents who try too hard to show their children they’re hip. But what the majority of the nearly 40 YouTube videos provided was authenticity, which is usually as hard to find in presidential debates as humility.  Now it will be interesting to see if the candidates can take that authenticity and turn it into real dialogue with the American public.  Sorry to be negative, but this format was forced on the candidates, don’t hold your breath.

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Autor: Katie

~ 24/07/07

So as many of you know if you’ve been reading this blog you know my summer so far has been focused on a triathlon then two figure/fitness competitions and then it was supposed to end with a grand finale of competing in the Chicago Triathlon. I’m a month away and am starting to come to the realization that it might not happen. I’m not sure which makes me feel worse the idea that I’m not attaining a goal or the thought of going for it and drowning somewhere in Lake Michigan. I’ve wanted to do this triathlon for two years and I’ve been so excited about it. The problem has been that I’ve not been able to work on swimming as much as I would’ve liked and that happens to be my weakest piece.

So, at this point, I’m going to stop stressing about it and just go enjoy a weekend in Chicago.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s ok not to be going at 110% all the time.  I realize I can be a little high strung sometimes but I’m motivated by goals.  I’m driven by dates.  I guess I’ll take the month off and reevaluate in September.

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Autor: Marcia

So, I am on the email list for because I want the latest scoop on what is going on in my city straight from the horse’s mouth and because I have a David Cassidy-esque crush on Francis. To all nay-sayers, I happen to dig what Slay is all about and regardless if you approve of him or his actions, you have to admit that the little fella has gotten quite a lot done on his watch right?

Well, on the last update,the press release below was included which baffled me? Chico and I did not realize that the happy hours at Mosaic and lunches at The Dubliner were not A-OK. Which by the way, I have to mention that the C-H-I-C-O yo, has lunch dates and coffee breaks more than I do….I just waste away in the shop while my supposed friends take the “furball” out for 2 hour Sabbaticals including hotspots like Red Lobster where not only did Chico maneuver himself inside to a booth, but the little bastard didn’t bring me back one of those tasty cheddar biscuits. The unfortunate thing is…I am so not joking here. I am already evolving into one of those creepy and psychotic dog ladies. Just wait until I have a pack of them… afraid. Very afraid.
Doggy Dining Update


Wednesday, July 11, 2007 Printer-Friendly Version | Forward to a Friend Two pieces of legislation supported by Mayor Slay are about to become law. The office of Gov.Matt Blunt has advised that the guv is slated to sign SB 22 on Friday. Among the various provisions of the new state law is one that will allow municipalities to pass local ordinances that allow dogs on outdoor patios and at sidewalk cafes. That same Friday, the St. Louis Board of Aldermen is scheduled to vote for the final time on Alderwoman Lyda Krewson’s BB 67, which will allow doggy dining in most parts of the City of St. Louis.

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 23/07/07

My (ex) landlord is pocketing my security deposit. And I will probably spend a good few hours researching landlord and tenant laws in Missouri, writing additional letters, using my precious last pennies to pay to send them certified – return receipt requested, only to (hopefully) reclaim the deposit that was already promised to be returned to me and is rightfully mine. Hmmm, how can this be? Which brings me to this handy website: that details the responsibilities of landlords and tenants and shows exactly what each cannot get away with. Fortunately, I’m in the clear and now I just need that check. Sympathetic ears beware – this has been driving me nuts for the past 28 days.

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Autor: Rhonda

Two Chicago-related posts in one day … yep, its just about time for a Cards-Cubs baseball series because the Chicago Tribune’s got a travel article on the Lou. St. Louis continues to be a slow work in progress, according to the Trib’s Alan Solomon per “Chasing the blues in St. Louis.” Overall, it’s a nice nod (which the Trib seems to do once a year) in the travel section, but a little off-base. Our city struggling? Instead, I’d say thriving, surviving, evolving. And home to the 2006 World Champions. When was the last time the Cubbies won a series?

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Not that I want to detract from how awesome St. Louis summers are, but should you be looking for a weekend getaway up north here’s a quick run-down of must dos, in no particular order. Please note that most of these are based on personal recent experience – as in within the last 72 hours – and, yes, I am biased. Please do add your thoughts or comments. 

  1. Attend an outdoor block party (find them at Old St. Pats and Sheffield Garden Walk took place this weekend, plan for mid-July next year. These two are not to be missed. Aside from wonderful Blue Moon, good music, beautiful gardens and streets filled with fun, getting to wander into Charlie Trotter’s spice garden, while sampling Goose Island Matilda brew and yummy pork tacos.
  2. Armitage shopping
  3. Sip mojitos 96 stories above Chicago in the Signature Lounge
  4. Hang out anywhere in Wrigleyville when the Cubs play in town (no game ticket needed, but a seat in the bleachers is a nice bonus)
  5. Free yoga and Pilates in Millennium Park
  6. Stay at the James Hotel and dine at the yummy Primehouse
  7. Ice cream or chocolate at Vosges (Yes, its on Armitage but deserves its own nod)
  8. Catch up with friends from college
  9. Be a beach bum
  10. Look at the real estate, walk amid the touristy crowds, drive for an hour to find parking, and at end of the weekend just arrive home to appreciate how cool St. Louis, how great it is in that its so close to Chicago, but also very much not like Chicago.
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During a particularly trying Friday night at work and a long ass week to boot, I found myself ‘hiding’ for just a bit in the 120 degree basement of rBar. Not wanting to do anything requiring brain power or social interaction for about fifteen minutes, I decided to check E! Online for the latest and greatest in Hollywood gossip…hoping the Tinseltown drama would overshadow my own.

Much to my surprise, St. Louis was gracing the headlines that particular evening.

St. Louis! On E! What! Continue reading “E! True Hollywood Story: St. Louis?” »

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Autor: Marcia

~ 22/07/07

…..but instead I am in a melancholy state of dysfunction and self loathing. I know, I know cry me a river right? A little too much drama for most to possibly handle on a quiet Sunday night. Possibly, however I realize that I am lucky enough to have a forum to openly bitch if I choose to, so if I am being Debbie Downer, then you my little voyeur pal can stop reading.

Wow, guess I am feeling a tad “moody” too? Hmmm. What is the world coming to when Gidget has a case of the grumps? It will talk a little smack and then keep on keepin on I suppose. I am very stressed and terribly tired from all the things that are going on with my life externally and internally for that matter. I know that most things that are going on are actually quite positive like running the ins and outs of my new shop, the responsibilities of my presidency with what I happen to think is the coolest non-profit group in town, plus an August that is so incredibly booked that I am NOT joking when I say that I don’t know if I will survive it. Continue reading “I Should Be Home Cleaning” »

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