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~ 30/09/07

Just like everything else besides some capacity of my “work” my blogging duties were in the messy backseat along with unworn gym clothes, cleaning products that were purchased to descum my “not so humble” abode, my cellphone with a full voicemail box that I refuse to clear to prevent anyone else from leaving me a message that is asking for anything at all, and a sleeping eye mask to assist me in blocking out everything around me to catch up on some much needed ZZZZ’s.

Don’t get me wrong, I bring it on all onto myself. Instead of allowing myself some basic everyday occurrences like…having a seat on my sofa and watching an episode of a  television show or crawling into bed at a normal time with a dusty Rolling Stone magazine that was mailed 6 months ago….I decide to seek new ventures and overextend my already exhausted carcass to another cause or matter….it’s gotten to the point where my friends are starting to threaten intervention but unless somebody plans on checking me into the Promises Clinic and picking up the $30000 tab, I will forge forward.

However, due to some recent experiences both swell and not so swell….I am coming to the terms that when you put too much on your plate, it can in fact have adverse affects. For instance, one may lose sight of what really matters and not enjoy thyself because everything starts to become a “task”. I don’t need to go on Doctor Phil to know that …. I was so heading down the wrong path. Speaking of horrible health habits, let’s chat about lack of sleep, “alone” or “down” time, exercise, high stress levels, and what us dames like to call “emotional” lack of eating or overeating can make a young woman quite cranky and slightly neurotic. Grrrrr…….

I have had many conversations with my close friends over this and I can’t quite explain it, but it seems that something inside of me has changed and through this progression….my priorities have shifted. I want to “live” MY life again and not be everything to everyone. Since I was a child, I felt the need to strive for this unrealistic goal and even though I know that this is an impossible goal…I seem to enjoy setting myself up for failure. Sounds like another cheesy Dr.Phil episode eh? Tune in folks, I’ve got a lot more idiosyncrasies to share after the commercial break.

I am almost positive that I am sharing this openly because I want to hold myself accountable and make the changes that need to happen for me to be happy, truly happy. So, I am prioritizing my commitments, responsibilities,and will not say “yes” to everything and everyone that comes my way. Don’t take it personally. I need to focus on my fashion business-my start, my just launched music business-my soul, Metropolis-my drive and my friends-my love. I am only human. I am entitled to take a nap. I must bust a yoga pose and take a jog. I should have more than just a bottle of ketchup in my fridge. My bed and shower should not be the only used areas in my loft. I should not have to schedule dinner 3 weeks ahead of time with my BFF and what the hell are Grey’s Anatomy and The Hills?

So in simple terms….I’m back.

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Autor: Leigh-Anne

Have you ever had one of those dreams where you end up in the middle of a crowded room in nothing but your skivvies?

Sometimes everyone is staring at you, and it’s the most humiliating experience ever. Other times no one even pays attention, and it seems to be completely normal.

Well, Saturday night (Oct. 6) is going to be one of those times when its totally and completely acceptable to be half-naked in public.

rBar and RAISETHEDEAD are hosting ‘Sleepless in St. Louis’, a sexy spin on your Saturday night.

Come dressed in your hottest sleepwear, groove to the funky beats of DJ Mark Lewis and pose for a pic in rPhoto Booth atop a custom-made bed by Cole Scego. (if you haven’t checked out his stuff, you should).

Ladies…free entry and complimentary cocktails until 11pm.

Fellas…break out the Hugh Hef robes & slippers, sit back and enjoy the scenery.

$100 for the sexiest sleepwear.

Now can someone please tell me where I’m supposed to keep my bottle opener?

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Autor: Scott

~ 27/09/07

Ok so it was funnier to say than type… but if you happen to see a year old bull (yes, male cow) roaming the streets of Downtown STL, please point him in the direction of the make-shift corral near the old Schucks store off Cass Avenue. Further details here.

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Autor: Scott

2007 has been a whirlwind year for spotlighting fashion in St. Louis and coming up on October 6th, STL will be treated to one of the shows that started it all… St. Louis Magazine’s FEVER Fall Fashion Show. This year, FEVER heads out west to an aircraft hangar at Spirit of St. Louis Airport. Curious to see how they do with such a cavernous space, but judging from past St. Louis Magazine productions, I am sure it will be amazing! Also interested to see the crowd mix with the location. Will there be an influx of West Co peeps who typically only stray past Skinker for Cards games? Will the city types who rarely go past 170 unless it is to visit Aunt Mildred stay at home? Inquiring minds want to know! For me, I will make the trip. Nectar Anyone? (see below for the reference)

The Details:


St. Louis Magazine’s FEVER Fall Fashion Show
Saturday, October 6 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Aero Charter Aircraft Hangar, Spirit of St. Louis Airport – 501 Turbine Avenue
Cadillac presents St. Louis Magazine’s FEVER Fall Fashion Show, St. Louis’ hottest fashion event of the year.  Enjoy an exclusive runway fashion show of Nordstrom fall collections.  Designers featured on the runway include Trina Turk, Charles Gray, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Diane Von Furstenberg, Plenty Frock! by Tracy Reese, BCBG, Laundry, ABS, Betsey Johnson, Diesel, Hugo Boss and Canali. Mingle with St. Louis’ stylish and sophisticated set. Nosh on creative cuisine and sip tasty cocktails including complimentary Pearl Vodka Jet-tinis and Budweiser Select. Shop the silent auction featuring fall’s most sought-after items. A portion of the proceeds from the evening will benefit Autism Speaks and Fashion Group International St. Louis.

Worried about the drive?  You can take the Fever shuttle round-trip and you will be picked up at Nectar at 6:30pm and then return for the exclusive after-party.  Cost is $10.  RSVP to or 314.918.3026.
Tickets range from $45 to $175 and can be purchased by visiting, calling 314.918.3026 or e-mailing Tickets are going fast… reserve yours soon!

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Autor: Scott

~ 25/09/07

This Thursday!

Join SYNERGY, River City Professionals and Solique on Thursday at 8:00pm for the grand opening of the hippest new addition to Maplewood, The Jive & Wail! Enjoy dueling pianos playing old favorites from Benny and the Jets to Mustang Sally. RSVP to to join in on the fun!

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Autor: Katie

~ 23/09/07

I had an opportunity to check out Jim Edmond’s new restaurant and I have to say that I’m impressed.  They’ve thought of everything.  You can go and have dinner in the restaurant, or a drink in the lounge, hang out on the deck or go upstairs and get your groove on.  Jim and Mark have done their homework.

I was lucky enough to get a personal tour from Mark and his passion for this restaurant is evident and it’s contagious.  It’s also good to see more development in some of the lesser inhabited areas of downtown.

The appetizers that we tried were great and the wait staff was exceptionally professional.  Did I mention that they have a banquet facility that can seat approximately 150 that you can rent without a sitting fee (food and drink will cost you)?

Ok, enough with the shameless plug.  Bottom line is this, we have a new classy establishment in the downtown area.  Where there are nice places come more nice people.  More people, more excitement.  It’s a win win for everyone.  So get out there and enjoy all the new development going on in downtown.

I’d also like to welcome Centene to the list of companies calling the downtown area home.

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Autor: Scott

~ 22/09/07

Thumbing through my latest copy of FastCompany and saw a fantastic rebuttal to that list we mentioned a few posts ago naming St. Louis as a “slow city, choking on Midwestern blandness.” The response was penned by local artistic leaders David Robertson (St. Louis Symphony Orchestra), Joan Lipkin (That Uppity Theatre Co.), and Paul Ha (Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis).

Their challenge is simple, come on out and see STL fist hand! If FC is not impressed, each promises to eat a baloney sandwich on white bread with mayo. And I am sure they were not talking about a Wolfgang Puck baloney sandwich either. Way to stand up for the Lou!

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Autor: Scott

~ 21/09/07

… the you wail… And that is just what you will be doing at the hippest edition to the fast growing downtown Maplewood area! The Jive and Wail is set to open this month, offering dueling pianos hammering out old favorites that will encourage you to well… jive and wail!

The celebrate, SYNERGY, River City Professionals and Solique Productions are teaming up to throw a grand opening party on Thursday, October 27th, starting at 8pm. Location is 7376 Manchester. To join in on the fun, RSVP to Look forward to seeing you there!

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Autor: Scott

~ 20/09/07

Come on out to rBar (4054 Manchester) on Fridays in October and help raise money for The Animal House Fund! Each Friday will feature a pair of “celebrity” bartenders to serve your favorite libations, with all tips going to help the Animal House Fund raise money to build a new, state-of-the-art, environmentally-responsible animal care facility in the City of St. Louis.

On October 5th, your celebrity bartenders are Scott Lapp (moi) and Sarah Kramer from Pfizer! For more info, email

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Autor: Dave

~ 18/09/07

And in other news OJ is back in jail. Steve Fossett evidently still likes to fly, and fly, and fly. Keith Olbermann is now beating Bill O’Reilly in the ratings. And Britney is still Britney. On the political front should be in the business of marketing, and Taser Boy should have known he was in trouble when he sat through a 30 minute speech by John Kerry to begin with. The world is a strange place, and we just live in it.

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