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~ 26/08/08

Scifest is coming up October 9th through 13th at the St. Louis Science Center! For those that don’t know, St. Louis won out against cities like New York and Chicago to host the first International version of the Cheltenham Science Festival. The purpose of SciFest is to show how science is relevant to our daily lives in a fun, entertaining way. I have been part of the planning process and can say that this will be one heck of a good time!

From their website:

From the science of chocolate and the physics of rock & roll, to climate change and the future of cancer research, SciFest 08 is a festival where everyone can engage in science.

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~ 25/08/08

I know I seem to pick on our local paper a lot, but they give me so much great material. Since I am “scooter friendly” I was compelled to click on this headline today: Man on mo-ped hit by vehicle, caught in middle of police pursuit. The article went on to give the account of the incident but what caught my eye was this line: “The man suffered several broken bones. He was hospitalized with injuries not considered to be life-threatening…”

All well enough, except for the odd placement of the article… in the Deaths & Obituaries section.


In an effort to be “fair and balanced” the PD did update the story, moving it to the Commuting & Traffic section. Good thing for the mo-ped rider. ;-)

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~ 19/08/08

The Lot is coming up this Saturday and there are plenty of great volunteer opportunities available.  

From Metropolis:

We have aAwesome volunteer opportunities available.  In past years, volunteers have had a blast at the festival, met new people and have contributed substantially to the event and to Metropolis St. Louis.  Volunteers are essential to the success of the LOT!  We will love it if you are able to volunteer for two to four hours, and then stick around for more music and beer when your shift is over!  Just email with your preferred position, start time and number of hours.

Here are available positions and start times!

- Beer Pourer 6p.m., 8p.m., 10p.m., Midnight 
No prior experience pouring beer at Hooters is necessary!  We know you can handle it, and we won’t check any references. 

- Beer Handler 6p.m., 8p.m., 10p.m., Midnight
One level above beer pourer.  Try it out!

- Money Handler 6p.m., 8p.m., 10p.m., Midnight
Good with details.  No accounting degree required.  This is fun stuff!

- ID Checker 6p.m., 8p.m., 10p.m., Midnight
Want to be the one with the flashlight, making all of the decisions?  This is a perfect opportunity for guys who want an excuse to tell all the ladies that they look so much younger than what their IDs say! 

- Teardown 1:30a.m.
Would you rather be more physical, rather than deal with people?  We don’t blame you.  This job’s for you!

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~ 17/08/08

Interesting article in the PD today on the progress of the Recall Slay petition. Not sure which is sadder, the fact that the Recall Slay camp only has 14,000 signatures of the needed 43,000 or that only 19,500 votes equaled victory for Slay in the last election. Now one of the leaders Zaki Baruti, is focusing on a new goal, getting 19,500 signatures. To him, this equals a moral victory, showing serious discontent. Really?

Slay is the only declared candidate for 2009 and has amassed a war chest of over $850,000. A “moral victory” to show discontent is hollow at best. How about a viable candidate? Or campaign funds? Sure it’s a good size prospect database, but will those same people come out to vote? Doubtful. And for whom will they vote? Will it affect change in Room 200? Again, doubtful. Only serious competition will cause change, not a token stunt. But hey! Good luck with those additional 5,500 signatures!

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~ 15/08/08

This makes Mondays not so dreaded … Comedian and actor and St. Louis native Bill Chott presents the return of….Comedy on Parade, St. Louis’s Independent Comedy Night.

Now in a limited run, Comedy on Parade returns with acts as diverse as the last run which ranged from comedy poet laureate Aaron Belz, to solo acts, improv and sketch presented by The Improv Trick, magic, the music of Jesse Irwin and even clowning with Josh Routh. A grab bag of the best comedy entertainment St. Louis has to offer.

• WHEN: Mondays thru September – 7 p.m.- 11 p.m.
• WHERE: The Atomic Cowboy
• WHO: Open to the Public. All ages welcome.
• HOW MUCH: $8.00 ask about dinner special discount for tickets call 314-775-0775

More information here.

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~ 14/08/08

If you like beer and were ever curious about home brewing, then this weekend will be a treat! From our friends over at STL Hops: Homebrewing Demonstration This Weekend. Perfect day activity to pair with the Moonlight Ramble! Did you volunteer yet?  ;-)

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~ 13/08/08

Odd. After 44 years, some public official has decided that the Moonlight Ramble must double the amount of route marshals posted from about 70 to 140. No worries, though. They gave the organizers plenty of notice… one week. Brilliant!

So if you are not busy this Saturday night/Sunday morning and you do not plan on riding, come out to volunteer! It is a great event and a wonderful St. Louis tradition. I hear you even get a cool vest and a flashlight!

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In case you missed DRW …

  • This site includes gift certificates you can buy at discounted prices. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, Rooster, Juniper Grill are just a few of the places included. Some restrictions apply.
  • An American Place – downtown on Washington Ave. – offers a three course tasting menu weeknights before 6:30 p.m., so says Sauce magazine.
  • Bar Louie has dollar burger nights on Tuesdays.
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~ 12/08/08

I often joke that I was a young professional when we started RCP 6 years ago. My how time flies! It has been an amazing journey as well as the region’s response to RCP. Membership is over 5500, attendance strong, and participation in partner events and volunteer opportunities fantastic. Currently, we are working to evolve the organization to continue its relevance. We welcome any ideas and suggestions. Just shoot them to me at

In the meantime, come out on Tuesday, August 19th for our 6th anniversary happy hour and school supply drive benefiting KidSmart! The event will be at Moulin Events and Meetings and afterwards, we will wander upstairs to Vin de Set to enjoy the amazing view! In addition, that night will feature the grand opening of The Grand Petite Market on the main floor so the building will be alive with activity. Look forward to seeing you there!

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~ 08/08/08

If you have lived in St. Louis for any time at all, you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘There is nothing going on in this city’.  We’ve previously given examples of how much a farce that statement really can be.  However, if anyone ever says “St. Louis is dying”..I think I’ll just pull up this article in Forbes to give them a real example of what a city looks like that is dying.  These are some sad stats to go along with an even more vivid reality that blue collar urban areas are struggling.  If you look at the specific cities, this has been a long time in coming.

And You Think We’ve Got Problems

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