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~ 29/12/08

Popular forum site has been down for over a week with a database error. No clue as to why.

I blame suburban sprawl.

*12/29 UPDATE*

Back up! Maybe it was overcome with holiday spirit.

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~ 28/12/08

Throughout our 6 years we have attracted quite a group of talented and active members. These people truly are our best and brightest and hopefully will lead the region into a better future. Of note, RCP member Shane Cohen is running for alderman in the 25th Ward of the City of St. Louis.

Even if you can’t support Shane through your vote, consider helping out as a volunteer or through a donation. More info may be found by visiting

Also, if you have a story to tell, let us know. We would love to highlight achievements of our members!

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~ 23/12/08

Tickets still remain for the New Year’s Nightcap at Moulin Events! The event is limited to 150 and is selling out fast so order today!

The details are:

New Year’s Nightcap
Wednesday, December 31, 9:00pm to 1:00am
Moulin Events – 2017 Chouteau Ave

Make the “New Year’s Eve Nightcap at Moulin Events” your last stop this year. Enjoy a premium open bar and appetizer and dessert stations while you dance away the night to the Melvin Turnage Band.

Food Stations Include:
* Station One: Domestic Cheese, crostini, crackers, crudite and dipping sauces paired with Boston Lager
* Station two: Sweet Escape: cookies, brownies with Winter Lager and gooey butter cake served with Cherry Wheat and Stout Ice cream floats
* Station three: Seafood Market: Chilled shrimp, smoked mussels and clams served with champagne

Tired of the smoky clubs and the beer bashes, then Moulin is the perfect post dinner celebration for you and your friends. Enjoy gourmet food stations paired with specialty cocktails and craft beer. This year we have partnered with Sam Adams beer and Bombora Vodka to make the night extra special.

The price of the event is $75/person (plus tax) and includes food stations, open bar and a champagne toast at Midnight. To purchase tickets, visit

Hosted by The Raymond Experience, River City Professionals and Moulin Events & Meetings.

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Autor: Jennifer

~ 15/12/08

For those that get a kick out of strange art stories – I missed this one when it originally happened. Apparently, a very, very heavy (most of them are) Serra sculpture went M.I.A.; now, the museum is having it refabricated. Story here.

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~ 11/12/08

Current commentary here.

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~ 04/12/08

There’s more than a few of us  diverted by the self-help sections at the big bookstores. Lowered eyes scan the first few pages to see if the advice is worthwile, and then we nonchalantly return the book to the shelf or make our way to the check-out counter. Most advice in these books seem to be hoopla–or just healthy common sense–but more often than not the authors border  on insufferable self-righteousness. I know. I read them. I feel the pain (and rejoice with good insight)!


Today I was lured onto the wikiHow site, which offers advice on “How to Overcome Procrastination Using Self-Talk.” I especially dig the suggestions on rephrasing internal dialogue. Can you manage to turn the thought ““I have to finish this long, important project. It should already be done by now and I need to plow through it” to “I choose to start this task with a small, imperfect step. I’ll feel terrific and have plenty time for fun!”?

It least helps me crack a smile. Well, there you have it. Let’s get on with the fun. Stop procastinating.

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~ 03/12/08

Yep. It is the holiday season. Another year has zipped past us and now it is time for that annual RCP tradition of the White Elephant Gift Exchange! We are teaming up again with the Young Friends of the Saint Louis Science Center at 3rd Degree Glass Factory for a red hot time ful of fun and amazing science demonstrations! So mark your calendars for Tuesday, December 16th @ 5:30pm and dig out that tacky paper weight!


White Elephant Gift Exchange:

It is a Holiday tradition! The idea is simple and gets the room moving and mingling. Most people trade upwards of 10 times just to meet as many people as possible! The rules are:

1. Take that old hula dancer salt shaker that you got from Uncle Al last year, tape your business card to it and wrap it (business card under the wrapping).

2. Bring it to the December River City Professionals networking happy hour. We will put it in the pile and give you a claim ticket with a number.

3. At 6:30 pm, we will call people up in groups of 10 by numbers to grab a gift. DON’T OPEN IT YET.

4. After everyone has a gift (still unopened) we will start the trading. You will have 15 minutes to work the room, trading and meeting people. Make the most of the opportunity! Last year people were trading upwards of 10 times!

5. After the 15 minutes, an announcement will be made and you can open your gift. Your next task is to look at the business card and find the person who gave it to you and get the story behind the gift!

Be creative, be tasteful (PG-13 gifts) and have a story to tell! Also be sure to come early so we can start promptly at 6:30.

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