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~ 29/03/07

I hate to be a me too blogger but Dave over at ACC beat me to the punch. The topic is related to my past ranting so I figure that I can have a shot as well. ACC pointed to today’s article from Post political writer Jo Mannies regarding the political ambitions of State Rep. Jim Lembke, R-Mehlville. My interest in Lembke is based on his personal crusade to overturn Amendment 2 (that whole pesky stem cell thing). What really caught my eye however, was this quote from the article:

“The will of the people is not static,” said Lembke, who added that he remains committed to “banning all forms of human cloning.” He believes that a majority of Missouri voters would agree with him if given another chance to consider the arguments.

Well hey! With that logic, can we get a “do-over” on gay marriage? Better yet, how about his recent reelection? Anyone?

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