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~ 29/03/07

Santino Rice and I had a brief moment last year at the FEVER fashion show, yes sir ree we did. Our short love affair began when he asked me with his aire of cockiness, “That dress is FAB, who did it?” I seriously almost keeled over. If there was one person that annoyed me yet turned me on at the same time… was Santino. Fabulous! Then I made sure that I lost all “cool points” with him by proceeding to beg him to take a plethora of pics with me. Can we say Asian tourists at Disney World…..God I am such a tool!

Speaking of Project Runway, any aspiring designers should grab your portfolios and head to the nearest Project Runway Casting in Chicago on April 3rd from 9am-6pm at the Westin on 909 North Michigan Avenue. Producers and previous Project Runway alumni will pick the best of the best to be the new fashion mavens on the show!

There will be other castings in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami… goal is one day to have St.Louis be a pit stop…..totally plausible considering that Santino is my new make-believe BFF.

Be sure to bring the following items with you if you take the leap and start chasing your dreams:
1)Three articles of clothing of your own design

2)A portfoilio of your own work

3)A completed application-go to for more info

…………..and lastly you MUST hire me as your agent.(you know….like Ari from Entourage) I get ONLY 60% percent of your earnings. Cheap price to pay considering that I  just discovered the new Prada right?

 Ta ta for now 

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