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~ 17/04/07

Today I made a purchase. A four pack of Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cables. Why? Good question. I have enough USB cables to connect every possible attachable device in my home and office. In addition, the need for cables that “light up” when plugged in? No clue. Well that my dear friends, is the joy of WOOT!

Just look at this description from WOOT!:

You Light Up My USB Ports
We thought nothing could be more exciting than USB cables. Then we saw these Delphi USB 2.0 Lighted Cables and realized what idiots we’d been. If anything says “yes, I’m a total badass, ladies form an orderly line” like these luminous doodads, we’ve yet to plug it in.

Just to shed a little light on the subject (sorry, sorry, a thousand times sorry), let’s be clear: your order will include one cable each in red, blue, and orange, and green, netting you four cables in toto. These ten-foot USB type A to USB type B cables sport sporty gold-plated connectors and are suitable for connecting USB hubs and other devices to your PC or Mac. Or you can stow them away in a time capsule, so the barbaric denizens of a scorched, barren future Earth can marvel at the frivolity of our long-vanished society.

Even better? The price of $7.99. Yes, 40 total feet of luminous USB connectivity for less than $.20/foot!

WOOT! Is an interesting ritual to my day. The premise is simple. Take a bunch of “crap” that is not moving anywhere else and throw it up on a website with a low price and a clever description (reminiscent of the old J. Peterman catalog days) and viola! Sales will occur. Items run from Midnight to Midnight and range from USB powered fans for $2.99 to large flat screen televisions for under $1,500. Just to gimmick it up even more, every Tuesday is “Twofor Tuesdays” (two items, duh) and occasionally they will add in a “WOOTOFF” (new item every hour) or a “Random Bag of Crap” (mystery collection of items for $1.00). Good stuff sells out fast so it is almost enough to keep you up to the witching hour every night! Well… no. Not really.
So today I just had to hit the “I Want One!” button and order me some USB cables. The great PT Barnum said there is a sucker born every minute, and well, I think I hear the crank organ and the elephants off in the distance.

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  1. I WOOT every day..well, I don’t buy something every day..just seriously think about it. I almost went down the USB route as well, but realized I’m moving to a new home soon, and its just another thing I would have to pack. Other WOOT purchases for me include a pen that will convert my writing to text on my computer, a portable blood pressure machine, a stamp holder, and even a vacuum. I have never used any of those items, and I really don’t plan to. I just needed to WOOT and be heard!

    Comment by Dave — April 17, 2007 @ 14:21

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