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~ 28/06/07

…for one of the most highly anticipated devices ever created: Apple’s iPhone.

You can see why here.

(I’m going to try to hold out ’til they add GPS pintpointing and delete the ‘AT&T only’ and ‘sorry, no insurance’ policies).

UPDATE: Almost 24 hours since the iPhone’s release and many are waking up wondering what all the hooplah was about. In terms of the many who waited in line overnight that is… One of my coworkers camped out for 36 hours in San Francisco to be among the first 25 in line only to have another’s wife stand in line from 5:30 til 7:00 before walking out with one.

Now that I’ve had the chance to use it, it’s no less impressive. The network is fast enough for browsing comfortably (although YouTube videos take quite awhile). The user interface is incredibly intuitive but i wish the thing could be oriented horizontally for functions other than videos and web browsing… And speaking of video, there is no video camera – a shame given other cameras with far less than 4GB-8GB of memory have included one for ages.

Anyone else who has used it care to comment?

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