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~ 17/07/07

The critics of St. Louis are at it again. This time, St. Louis has the dubious honor of being listed as a Slow City by FastCompany. Their reasoning was a low ranking on the “Weirdness Index,” a composite measure of “above average” activities and behaviors compiled from market research data covering 75 different activities (not quite sure what they are – anyone?). Interesting to note, our list mate is Havana, Cuba. Havana?? Come on! We are as lame as a city in a communist controlled country? COME ON!!

Their Take:

St. Louis, Missouri
Too normal for its own good. It ranks dead last on CityVitals’ “Weirdness Index,” a measure of passion and engagement.

So, we are not weird enough. Too normal. I guess that is a fair statement if they spent their time at Trainwreck in Westport listening to Paint the Earth every weekend. Now, had their weird gurus made a trip to the city, they may have found a different world. A world with the City Museum, Venice Cafe, events like Venus Envy, Wallball, and Hoosier Weight Boxing, independent theater showing more than retreads of Meet Me in St. Louis, a pagan festival in Tower Grove Park every summer, a well attended Pridefest weekend… I am sure that I am missing some things, and in fairness, not knowing the 75 activities, hard to counter. It is fair to say that we need much much more of these types of things. But we have to start somewhere. To me, it always comes down to one thing, lack of AWARENESS.
Now, for a completely different view of STL, take a look at Forbes, who listed St. Louis at 14th in the Best Cities for Young Professionals. Chicago was 16th BTW.

Their Take:

St. Louis, Mo.
A very high share of the best 400 big businesses and best 200 small businesses call St. Louis home. In that measure, it ranked sixth. In attracting the cream of the graduate crop, it clocked in at 16th. The never-married population was good for 24th, and salary to cost of living hovers right around the national mean.

OK. Not a measure of “weird” but a good take of STL and the opportunities that exist for young professionals.  

Maybe the city just needs a hipper PR firm?

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  1. Ya, ya, ya….we get it. St. Louis and Detroit are constantly battling for the shittiest place to live on Earth.

    But after looking at the other cities supposedly racing downhill with us, I am throwing all credibility out the window. Budapest and Havana…huh?

    And throwing New Orleans in there? Now that’s just plain cruel…

    Comment by Leigh-Anne — July 22, 2007 @ 23:12

  2. [...] Take That FastCompany! Thumbing through my latest copy of FastCompany and saw a fantastic rebuttal to that list we mentioned a few posts ago naming St. Louis as a “slow city, choking on Midwestern blandness.” The response was penned by local artistic leaders David Robertson (St. Louis Symphony Orchestra), Joan Lipkin (That Uppity Theatre Co.), and Paul Ha (Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis). [...]

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