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~ 04/03/08

Today I got an email regarding a payment notice from one Shakir Balakishiyev for the sum of $25. No, this was not some SPAM scam running across the internet; it was a repayment for a loan that I made through Kiva to help Mr. Balakishiyev buy two cows for his dairy business in Azerbaijan.

If you have not checked out Kiva, you should, but be prepared, it can be addictive. This website allows you to make $25 loans to entrepreneurs from across the developing world to help them start or grow their businesses. They could be tailors, restaurateurs, farmers, or shop owners, all just needing a little seed money to get the ball rolling.  As they make repayments to their loans, you get your money back and can either cash out or reinvest in other businesses. Brilliant! There are even Kiva gift certificates for special occasions!

Hmm… What should I invest in now…

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