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~ 28/03/08

I would make excuses, but I won’t. Sometimes you get in a rut. Sometimes you just need life to kick you in the ass to get you out of a fog. Well, today it did. So look for more, frequent updates with more open, frank discussion. But don’t look tomorrow, as I am leaving for Japan for a week!

Oh yes, and on the RCP front! Been one hell of a year and I have a lot of great things planned. Next month we will be at the Jive and Wail for a repeat performance on the 15th. They have promised to keep the pianos out of our networking so don’t fear. Plus there should be some great apps and Belvedere specials. And if you have been paying attention, we have been doing free drink tickets for the first 50 people with RSVPs. Just a little reward I snuck in there.

So bear with me. RCP and Undercurrent will be back on track as soon as I get back from my adventure in the Far East.

Lapp out.

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