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~ 18/10/08

At SCiFest this year, the clever duo of Timandra Harkness and Harry Witchel informed us that there are seven rules to dating. But yesterday, via craigslist Missed Connections we find out that there is an eighth rule which is critical in today’s internet society… grammar!  Watch out guys. This may be more important than size, rock quality, and humor combined!

Morons with bad grammar – m4w
via craigslist | missed connections in st louis, MO on 10/17/08

Women that you find attractive probably won’t respond if they think you’re an idiot. Here are some lessons for you idiots who don’t know basic grammar:

“Your” is the possessive form of “you.” “Your car was black” is correct. “Your hot” is not correct. “You’re hot” is correct. “You’re” means “You are.”

“Would of” does not exist. “I would of talked to you” makes you sound like an idiot. “I would have talked to you” is correct. You’re a moron.

“I seen” also does not exist. If you say this, you should be killed. “I saw you at Starbucks” is correct. “I seen” makes no sense. Die if you say that.

There are SO MANY MORE mistakes you idiots make, but those are the main ones. Get a basic education, and maybe women will be more attracted to you.

The end.

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