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~ 26/11/08

Suckered into being a proponent for the visual arts (really, she is!), Jennifer is an advocate for all things written, hence, her love of this blog. She currently serves time during the daylight hours at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, while trying to get a handle on things going on in St. Louis. A native of Indiana, where she studied literature and creative writing, she is enthused about involving the cultural arts into all things daily and loves, loves, loves the city.

Scott is an active St. Louis native who is a better host than guest. This is either because he is a control freak, or suffers from social anxiety disorder. To compensate for this quirk, he co-founded River City Professionals as a way to bring young people in St. Louis together and expose them to all that St. Louis has to offer. Currently, RCP is in its 4th year and has surpassed more than 4000 members.
In addition, Scott is very involved in various programs geared to ending racial polarization and stopping young “brain drain” in the St. Louis region, such as Bridges Across Racial Polarization, Connect With… and the Emerging Leadership Council.

Rhonda Sciarra has traveled thousands of miles by car, trains, public transportation and planes for the sole purpose to run 13.1 or 26.2 miles. Either way, it’s the journey in between the origin and the destination that counts. Still very much a travel and marathoning neophyte, Rhonda has a laundry list of international to-visits and to-runs. However, she continues to slowly cross off domestic destinations from her national to-visit list and has made a habit of maximizing time and having a blast exploring great U.S. cities. And some of her best sight-seeing has been done while running marathons and half-marathons in places such as New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, Louisville, San Deigo, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Antonio and more. When not at work, training, with her puppies, family or friends, or watching Real World reruns, Rhonda is active with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training and Metropolis St. Louis.

Many would say that Dave created the Internets. He would argue that he only made it better. If you can’t find him sitting behind his mission control computer console working on ways to bring society up to speed, he will most likely be gliding around the streets of St. Louis on his Segway.

Born and raised in St, Louis, he as been involved in the Internet industry for the last 14 years. Technology may drive Dave’s passion, however, he also finds time to do what he can to promote the best city in the country. Living and working in St. Louis city has allowed him to lend a hand with multiple non-profit organizations like Metropolis that are focused on making city life a way of life for young people. He is in the beginning stages of developing his own non-profit organization that will focus on enriching the lives of children in the St Louis region. No one will be surprised if it involves a computer, an Internet connection and a Segway.

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